All Night Long


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Slowly Softly
He caresses her hair

Subtly Sweetly
He bites her ears

Sensually Seductively
He kisses her navel

Shyly Sensuously
She opens herself up

Silently on Sundays
He loves her all night long

This is for you – Oster’s Mom :).


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  1. Wow…..If you really wrote this and are still single…. You need to get married A.S.A.P….Hmmmmm you have a very creative and a mind that is precise on what you really need. So arranged that it can channel it on paper as clearly as this. Many want this but few can put it down like this.

    • Thank you so much for reading and taking time to comment. All the posts on this blog are written by me, unless otherwise noted :).

      Glad you enjoyed this. I guess i have an actively over imaginative mind lol. Thanks for stopping by to read this, very much appreciated.

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