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Greetings all. A huge thank you to Boomie for allowing me to invade her blog, and amuse you (hopefully).

In keeping with the wonderful works that you frequently read on here I shall attempt to create something to suit the feel of the site, pray silence for: THE CHURCH by Steve Johnson

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The silence pervades all.

Sunshine spreads across the cool,
Weathered stone.
Crunching gravel underfoot,
Solitudes domain.

Heavy air, an ancient feel.
Whispers down the centuries
…A weight of time.

An intensity, a potent power,
wonder of the mysteries of life.

A need to know

A need to feel

A time to reflect

A time to kneel.

Resonance of voice,
echoes of experience,
Authority of art
Joy in song.

Reflection comes easy
A lifted weight
Footsteps echo,
The world awaits.

By Steve Johnson

*Mr Steve Johnson is a philosopher, hero, adult and full time imagineer in his own head. He enjoys reading and then some more reading of an eclectic range of books and thinking about the stuff in said books. He prefers dogs to cats, doesn’t trust happy badgers and above all loves talking about himself in the third person. Find out more at*

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