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Fickle love By Celestine Nudanu

Words fail me,
my dear
your suffering
stares me
in the face
It talks to me,
flings my
guilt at me

dare I reach out
and hold you
in my arms
no, I would not
if I could,
The chasm
created by
your faithless
is so deep
I am afraid
to fall

And so
my guilt
and my fear
potent medicine
renders me
to make
a mercy move
yet potent
to cure you
of your
fickle love

and since
fail me,
these are
my thoughts..

*Celestine Nudanu lives and blogs from Ghana. A wife and mother of three boys, she is also a university administrator. Her passions are reading, writing (has lots of stories in progress) and blogging, a passion which she discovered late in life, so to speak. She also loves to play at poetry. Do visit her blog at for more.*

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