Our Relationship- Guest Blog


Image courtesy of Rosy

He bought me the most beautiful & expensive bouquet of flowers
They were even tied up with an exquisite gold trimmed bow
Sadly – with time – the flowers faded & died
And – so did our relationship

He gave me the loveliest fresh picked flowers
As we walked through the park
Sadly – with time – the flowers faded & died
And – so did our relationship

He planted me a garden
in the front yard of our house
Those flowers thrive & survive
And – so does our relationship

By RoSy (My adopted twin)

*Introduced by Boomie to WP early in the spring. The relationship is flourishing into something deeper than just a momentary fling. An open invitation awaits your presence to visit & take a peak as our relationship grows.*http://www.sharingmemyselfandi.wordpress.com


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  1. I absolutely love this!! I have reblogged it over on my page because it is sooooooo applicable to a situation I’m going through right now. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Reblogged this on sharing me myself and i and commented:
    I am wearing my shameful hat today. How cold I have missed this post yesterday? I need a vacation! My Twin & Blog Whisperer Boomie @ boomiebol.wordpress.com featured ME as a guest blogger on her blog. Come visit if you get a chance. Take a few minutes & browse through her other featured guest posts & her non-guest posts too. Do this at your own risk. I know you will end up clicking that Follow botton if you haven’t already. Because she is just that great!
    PeACe – RoSy

  3. A boy long ago took me to a flower patch downtown, and pointed out one of the big tulips. He said something like, “That one is yours, except I know you don’t want me to kill it, so, I’m leaving it there. But it’s yours.” and I had forgotten about that until now. This is so cute 🙂

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