Star Wars Darth Vader Collection Display – A Magnificent Guest Blog from Le Clown


Le Clown has an impressive [most impressive] Star Wars Darth Vader collection. It’s huge. And I have lots of items… Hundreds of figurines, statues, helmets, space ships, light sabers – vintage and new – from Kenner to Gentle Giant. I love my collection. I’m proud of it. Why am I telling you this? Because my Carnies are tired of hearing about it, and as I am highjacking Boomie’s blog, might as well harass new readers with my toys. Take it as a poem… of extreme geekiness.

I also have kids. Young kids. One is a toddler, in her terrible twos. She likes stuff. She likes to bite on stuff – when she is not slobbering on stuff. She would appreciate my Star Wars stuff, my beautiful, mint and coveted Darth Vader stuff.

Try to drool one this, toddler…

Darth Vader Collection Display

Not only toddlers are attracted to my fantastic Star Wars collection… My wife, The Ringmistress felt compelled to have a photo shoot with my vintage and mint Han Solo and Princess Leia figurines on that first morning together… Their value drastically dropped down, but they went up in the coolness factor department.

Han Solo and Princess Leia
(Photo by The Ringmistress)

I should take the opportunity to shamelessly promote my own blog… Here’s my subtle catch phrase: Follow Le Clown. What’s in it for you? I don’t know, but it means more followers for Le Clown.

Thank you, Boomie, for letting Le Clown be… Le Clown on your blog.


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    • Auntie Sandor,
      Yes!!! I’m here! A special guest appearance. I went easy on Boomie’s readers. I did not curse. I did not talk about White Baby Jesus. I only – lightly – flattered my ego, you know, like a quick Summer shower to refresh one’s self… A pleasure seeing you here, auntie.
      Le Clown

    • Oster’s Mom,
      My coolness factor is pumped up by my kids… Although you would ask my 8-yr old son and he would say he would prefer I walk a few steps ahead of him, with a hat, and preferably a mask…
      Le Clown

    • Read in Pleasure,
      That is very kind of you to say. I still sentences from the interwebs, and put them together, without giving credit to the authors. This way, I always have new material!
      Le Clown

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