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Hold Me- By Geisha

Hold me, love
Take the pain of the day
And push it away
Wrap your arms around me
And never let go
Pretend with me
That we…
Have no responsibilities
No sense of time
Nothing….just you and I

Hold me, love
Warm my body with your love
And soothe this heart of mine
Let your hands assure me
And caress me
Give in with me
To the…
Passion in our hearts
Lust from deep within
The love of you and me

Hold me, love

Geisha Bio:
Geisha is an aspiring author who writes poetry and fiction. She writes fiction under the name P.R. Spates and currently working on two supernatural fiction novels now. She is a mother of 3 who loves coffee, Japanese culture, thrift shopping and vampires. You can check her out at: http://http://prspates.wordpress.com/ or http://dailyblends.wordpress.com/


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