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Lay your head
Yea just like that
On this hearty pillow
Between my ample bosom

Each thump
Each beat
Speaks a name
Your name



Ever so quietly…

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      • Feel free to use it as your own as partial payment for the pleasure you have given me and many others. I have little doubt your integration of it into your own work will vastly improve it.

    • I tell you…i sat down today and thought to myself, why do these naughty words come in church lol. I guess Sunday just likes to be dirtied up by me.

      Honestly when i write these love poems…the truth of the truth is i dont think about anyone….a word drops in my heart and i run with it…strange right lol

    • Hey Steve,

      Nah you and the other writers have sure raised the bar. My non blogging friends thoroughly enjoyed you all. Thank you for the kind comment. How are you?

      • I am very well, although haven’t read much so feel a bit dumb at the moment lol. Thankyou once again for letting me fil your blog with words, it was great! I hope you are as awsome as ever!?

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