Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “Book Spine Poem”


This is my entry for KarenB Nelson’s poetry prompt this week. We were asked to used book spines to create a poem of any style. I came up with an Haiku…it’s not in the 5-7-5 pattern, but it is 17 syllables so I am hoping that should be ok to pass as one.

As always feel free to critique and comment, and check out her website if you are interested in trying this or any other prompt from the past. Thank you!

The Rose That grew From Concrete
A False Impression
 When Things Fall Apart

Books I used:
1. The Rose That grew From Concrete- Tupac Shakur
2. False Impression- Jeffrey Archer (One of my two favorite authors)
3. Things Fall Apart- Chinua Achebe


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    • Thank you so much. Nice, I think we used it as one of our literature books in primary or secondary school. It was also a tv series in Nigeria back in the day :).

  1. Wonderful! What an eclectic mix of authors – but it all works to make a beautiful poem! (I LOVE Jeffrey Archer, and never find anyone who has read his short story anthology “A Twist in the Tale” – it’s one of my all-time faves.)
    Way to go on the prompt this week, Boomie!

  2. The example was not a haiku; we are both in the same boat if that’s a requirement. I will start bailing water out. Hopefully Karen will stop us both from sinking! 😉

    • Thank you sir! Between you and six puns you are so brilliant with puns :). I am becoming spineless as well, many thanks to the amazon and apple. Hope you are feeling much better. Praying for you for wed…God’s absolute best.

      • thank you — I fear Dale from Six Puns has infected me with silliness.

        thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers, your blog often makes me smile. what can be better than that.

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