Awards, Make A Difference Monday, And A Shameless Plug


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Over the past few weeks and even more so today, I have been nominated for so many awards it’s hard to keep up. However it would be most ungrateful of me if I didn’t acknowledge the nominations and show gratitude to the wonderful people who considered me for such honors.

Thank you all so much for thinking of me and sharing the awards from inspiring blog award to versatile award, lovely blog award, a sisterhood award, kreative award, and many more. I am truly thankful. Reading my posts, and taking time to comment is more award and honor than I could ever ask for, then you give me these awards and that is like icing on an already great cake…yummy goodness it is. Much gratitude to you all.

I was going to do this post yesterday, but didn’t want to miss Karen’s poetry challenge, and didn’t want to bombard you with many posts in a day…doesn’t count now, considering this is my 2nd today…Excuse me!!! Just wouldn’t want to carry the awards appreciation and acceptance into a new month. I have already let them linger too long.

One of my favorite radio stations, the only one I listen to in my car- #KLOVE 94.3 do  make a difference Monday where listeners are aksed to do something for someone else…nothing major…nothing minor, just something that counts.

It could be

1. Giving a stranger an honest and sincere smile

2. Paying for the person behind you on the drive-thru line

3. Helping someone in need

General great stuff like that, and I just wanted to share it with you all…since you are all so nice and kind people. I figured we could all make a difference in our neighborhoods and communities around the world and for a few minutes, do something good.

While trying to figure out what to do, I heard on the news that groupon has a deal for CPS (Chicago Public Schools) where for $11 bucks you can help a child get school supplies for a year and for $18, a back pack is included. What better way to make a difference than in the lives of a young child…if you are interested please check this site. You don’t have to but if you can please don’t hesistate. Thank you!

Books are great to read and I know this groupon deal will provide a few of that for the kids, but for many of us they are also great to write. Some of us  (Me) will be so fortunate to have books published, and actually bought and read by people…God knows for me that would be my dream come true…top it off with speaking or reading gigs around the world and I would be the happiest girl on earth…now whether anyone would pay to buy my books or come to hear me speak is up for debate; still a chic can dream.

Anyhow what I am getting at is this-plugging some books by writers I have come accross on wordpress. Please note they haven’t asked me to do this and don’t even know that I am doing it…so rest assured I am not making any money from it. One of them doesn’t even follow my blog so would never know I did this…but I enjoyed reading the book and wanted to share and hopefully you all can support.

They are mostly e-books and go for around .99cents…please support them if you can.

1.Mean- Spirited Tales By Sandee Harris

2. Poetry of a madman by Jason Alan

3. Between Fear and Love SELF-WORTH: The Tie That Binds by Lauren Cropper

4. Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

5. Fright Night, written under the pen name Brandon Scott  By Adam Ickes

I have read 2 of them and just started Lauren’s…they are great reads.

Thank you for reading always. Have a safe happy and very healthy August. Make it count!!!

Much Love


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  1. Congratulations for all the well-earned accolades, Boomie. Thank you for all of the ideas in your post too! I look forward to the day when I can say “I knew Boomie before all the books deals, world travel, speaking engagements, etc, and she is still as good a human being and friend as ever!”


    • That will be the day. I really do hope it happens not for fame but to fulfill what i think is my purpose…until then i will continue to do it here :). Thank you always for the kind support and ever generous comments

  2. Congratulations on your much deserved awards – you have a delicate, playful, and sincere way with words that makes me look forward to your poems every day. The Groupon idea of CPS is such a great idea, thanks for letting us know about it. And for spotlighting the authors on WordPress – from my short time here I’ve been touched by the support of the WordPress blogging community and you are a shining example of this. Sorry if this comment got a bit too over-sentimental but my feelings are heartfelt 🙂

    • I understand completely…not over sentimental at all. Often i feel like this and it is amazing to find a community that supports and reaches out the way people do on here. Glad to have “met” you Letizia. Thank you always

  3. Congratulations, Boomie! You are a wonderful kindhearted individual. Your positive energy is so catchy. I always feel good after reading your posts.

    Thanks for the tip on CPS! I’ll look into that ASAP. Every little bit helps.

    • Thank you Oster’s mom. Everyone here has been and continues to be so kind and gracious. Awww, your comments always make me smile, I am so glad to hear that, thank you.

      Oh yes every little bit counts, and i thought what a wonderful way to help.

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