Seduced By Words


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Captured by your essence
Enamored by your addiction
Caught in the web of your intoxication
I am enchanted through and
By your all-consuming power
And appeal
Which overwhelms my insides
Exciting my instincts
Fulfilling my desires
Satisfying my passion
Filling urges and needs
Like no other

I subject myself under your tutelage
A slave to your influence
And control
I release all restraints

Have me as you will
Have me as you choose

I am yours to use
At will

Yours to use
As you please


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  1. As you are always doing good work I have just nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blog Award, I’m sure you have had many of these, but if not just find out the rules on my latest post. Keep awesome.

  2. Loved this… had to smile as just completed something with similar favor ~ maybe for the weekend – you will see! Excellent – Fun and HOT boomie!! 🙂

    • How cool, now i can’t wait to read it. Funny and amazing how many of us sometimes write very similar things…guess we all write from the same place of passion 🙂

  3. Gosh, Boomie, I hope your partner is taking vitamins! lol Great thought provoking poem although not thoughts I would recommend entertaining while driving or operating heavy macinery! 🙂

  4. For a lack of any better way to articulate this, ‘Holy gripping and powerful Batman!’ The passion verbalized here, whether it be to …rock-climbing…or God…or a love.. It fully expresses the wrap, the enveloping of one in their passion, whatever it is…whatever it is that completely holds you in the present and occupies each thought solely while in its/their presence…. constantly we are thinking of a trillion things in each moment…what that 1 thing is that stops everything, except one’s full focused attention on this 1 thing, or 2 if you’re lucky..or several – you may be blessed and tortured if you actually have several things – that hold us completely present is priceless. Drink it in, as often as possible.

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful!…. in my head I am saying…… definitely not yours to abuse!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I dont know why but it just popped into my mind……. mind me not, I’m just being silly……….

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