Swimming In The Moon


Moon Swimmers

Swimming in (on) the moon
A backstroke I presume
My dreams  have come true

*Inspired by one of my twin girls who laid on her back and said “I am swimming in the moon. Look at me mommy, I am so happy.”
May you and your sister always be happy…swimming in the moon, the stars and of course in the pool.*

Love you to the moon, infinity and way beyond


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  1. Aw this is so cute..Boomie kids say the sweetest and the funniest(too) things..don’t they..
    oh I loved your daughter’s imagination, do tell her there is a chocolate river hidden in one of the small caves on moon…if she is a regular there she will find it 🙂

    • They do…when we are going to the library…she always says “bye home, said the mouse” i wonder why, so i am going to try and write a story with that lol…i will and knowing how much she likes things like that…she will say oh mommy…you funny, but i will say aunt Soma said it not me so it must be true lol.

      Thanks Soma, i am going to read the giraffe poem you posted today to them

  2. “I am swimming in the moon. Look at me mommy, I am so happy.”
    proves a little poet : like mother – like daughter :
    God may bless the child with all boons and happys of the world
    convey my blessing too
    with regards

  3. This is so beautiful!
    Aww, they cute in that age. My son (almost 4 years) keeps telling me, mummy, see the sun is smiling to me today(means sun is out today). Even, if I am down for some reason, that sentence always makes me remember, yeah, sun IS smiling today. It’s a good day. We should be smiling to the sun:-) How old are your girls?

    • Awww…that is so sweet and true. Children just carry so much innocence and sincerity…the sun is smiling…wisdom i will take with me, everday i am fortunate to see the sun smile. They will be 3 in december…they act so grown up it’s scary lol.

      Thank you so much

    • I don’t think so…i think they just have to be the 5-7-5 syllable..though these days people are mixing them up as long as they are 17 syllables in total.I just reread this poem and it actually rhymes lol. Ah well.

    • I tell you she did. Sometimes i forget they are only babies at 2.5 years but they say the strangest and most mature things. Her twin sister looked at me once and asked “mommy, are you happy?” Even now water wells in my eyes thinking about it…thankfully it was a good day, I smiled and said “yes, mommy is happy…are you?”

      God bless and keep our kids, all of them. They are such treasures

  4. Sharing the moment your child shared with you and the moon and water you both shared was way beyond cool. Thank you.

  5. boomie, I already replied to this but wanted to add, this is the one that made me misty eyed it was so touchingly sweet and innocent and child-perfect.

    • Awww, thank you so much. I think so too…she comes up with this “bye home said the mouse” every time we are going to the library, so we have to work out a story with that soon.

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