A Collection Of Short Poems III



You looked at me
O’ patron saint of gorgeousness
My breath taken
I knew in that moment
My heart belonged with you


Rushing at me
Like tidal waves
Pulling me under
Its abundant grace


In your heart
And in your arms
I find…
I am always alive


A smile on your face
An immense joy in my heart
Our love multiplies


Such beauty
In the sea of many…
Faces and races
Shapes and sizes
A rainbow like beauty
In the sea of many faces


Thoughts of you in August
Flood my autumn leaves heart
No longer pale
To green I stray

You in winter
These days grace I embrace

(The last poem was titled out of the blue, because that is how it came. I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular but the words formed like this in my head…still trying to figure its complete depth and meaning out)


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    • Oh nice. Your job sounds so cool…even though it also must be hectic :). I kept looking at faces in Toronto hoping i might see you lol…Have a wonderful day and lovely weekend.


      • What a lovely thing to say, that you hoped you might see my face in Toronto. That you have ever thought about me beyond our Blog pages is absolutely awesome. Hugs back!

  1. All are amazing as always but “AUGUST” and “MULTIPLIES” is like the best!! I enjoyed this post with loads of short poems though I still want MORE! Lol πŸ˜€
    Much love,

    • Thanks much, yea i think it is making sense to me as well. I know it by heart too because the words just formed perfectly…i think it’s my only poem that i know by hand…also i have been trying to figure it full meaning out.

      I owe you an email…will try and do it ASAP!

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