Burning Passion


How fires trampled from mountains high
And raisins fell from the sky
When our mouths exchanged saliva
Warm tongues finding each other

Lips smudged in all the right places
Bodies releasing fire and heat
Heat hotter than our burning passion

The sensation of our love making burning sheets
As we go into each other mad and wild
Almost as if we were venturing
Into another world

A world of adventure sex lust love and
Maddening desires

Lust in the comfort of our warm bodies
Lips tracing desire on bodily lines and contour
Marking out territories for ravishing and devouring

Stars colliding in delight for our love making
Meteors shower the earth acknowledging our pleasure
The heavens rejoice in our oneness
Celebrating this bodily unity

Oh! How raisins fell from the sky and
Fires trampled from mountains high
When we found each other
In love and lust’s warm delight


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    • Lol…what if i said i wrote it before the vacation lol…this particular Sunday was begging to be dirtied it and i couldn’t deny it or resist :). Thanks so much sis

  1. Geez, Boomie! You could make a monk burn his robes! And we all know where the fire would start first, don’t we! lol

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