Your Dessert


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Sweetly yours
This Sunday night
I am your sugar candy
Lollipop cupcake
Pink & blue cotton candy
All wrapped in one

Slowing melting
Drip drip drip
I am your crystallized sugar

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Your vanilla bean ice-cream
With strawberry bits
And caramel sweetness
Wrapped under heavenly
Dark chocolate goodness

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Each lick
Scoop or bite
Your chocolate bliss

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The only question:
Where you would like
To have your dessert…


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  1. You’re killing me Boomie! While I’m sure that every word is true, your hubbie will get to enjoy the delectable treat your words foretell, but can I at least have the desserts in the pictures? I promise to share them with my sweet Beloved! Come to think of it, I think I’ll have to pass on sugar-lips and want to pass on the guy who is getting dipped in chocolate.


    • Lol…you know the hubs must have thoughts in his head like…how can this girl write this yet she is someone entirely different…I don’t know where these words come from lol. I wish i could mail all the yummy desserts…they all look good. Thankfully, i don’t have a sweet tooth :).

    • As are you Beth. Thank you so much for the very kind comment, and I am very glad you enjoyed this.
      Sending love and peace your way, have a wonderful week.


  2. It is extremely cruel for you to post pics of food like this that I won’t be able to eat. All of them. At one time! lol

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