Reason 2 Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “Postcard Poem”


Another week of poetry poetry prompt challenge by KarenB, and this week’s prompt can be found on her blog. Please check it out and feel free to participate.

Write a poem in the disguise of a postcard message. Continue by writing a reply postcard message.

Keep the length brief, and give the recipient a sense of the place you’re visiting or the space you’re occupying. The location from which you write can be imagined or real. Alternatively, buy a postcard, and try to write a poem based on the image or photograph on the front of the postcard.

Inspired from a vacation in Brussels…Please feel free to critique kindly and comment. Thank you!

Image courtesy of

Hey Love,

Sipping cafe on Rue Du Midi
Brings back memories of our times here
Marble cake with Belgian chocolate drippings
Hot chocolate foam on my lips
Wishing you were here to take the pics
Or kiss them clean

All is well here
Except when it rains
I miss you more…

Love from
To: Room 501, Hotel Du Rennaisance

Miss you just as much
Lying here looking at pictures
From our time there together
Wishing I could hold you
Hear you
Feel you
Mostly see you…

It won’t be too long now
My flight arrives on the 13th
How is that for a surprise?

On my way to you my love
Can’t wait to see you

San Diego, CA


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  1. I love them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make me think of a Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris!… splendid…. nice work Boomie…. keep them coming….

  2. I am celebate and a solitary but your poems remind me of the cost of being so. But I am glad you have this in your life.
    Peace and Light,

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