Nothing…I Think Except This


I don’t think my heart is in a sharing mood this morning. I have searched through my notes to see if there is anything I want to share, but somehow I am not connecting to anything this morning.

So instead I am going to do a shameless plug. I was going to do it last night but I try not to bombard you with many posts I was too tired, and slept off. Please know that I wasn’t asked to do this, and Nicole doesn’t even know that I am doing it. Now, you are wondering who Nicole is…

She is my friend, a fellow wordpress writer, author of Naked Desires, and an all round lovely woman. Her older brother entered her in a contest and she needs votes…my votes, your votes. Here is the jist of the whole contest, copied from Nicole’s blog-

* many of you know, I am a caregiver for my 83 year old mother who is living with Alzheimer’s Disease. My brother entered me in a Caregiver Cruise Giveaway Contest sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care. I need your VOTES so I can win the cruise, a Kindle Fire, a video camera AND up to 40 hours of in-home non-medical care for Mom.

Vote here

Remember, you can return up to once a day to vote during the Contest Period (July 15, 2012 through September 15, 2012).  Please help spread the link on facebook, Twitter, to your friends.  You can vote TWICE a day if you use your cell phone AND computer! *

I know there is nothing in it for anyone of us, but we all know that helping to see other people’s dreams come true is a huge act of kindness, so please reach in your kind hearts, vote, and spread the word.

Thank you so much and sorry my heart is not connecting to poems, poetry or stories this morning, but honestly I think this is even better than any sex laced poem I might have shared…woouldn’t you agree?

Have a lovely day people, and please don’t forget to VOTE for Nicole till September 15th. Thank you all so much, and when we finally meet, remember coffee or tea is on me :).

Much Love



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  1. I already knew this but Boomie, you’re a really fine person. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I voted for Nicole. Hope she gets the well-deserved cruise!

  2. ahhhh, wow I missed your blog. Sorry I’ve been away taking care of my summer adventures 🙂
    This is exactly what I expected to see. Your following has increased for obvious reasons. Love your work! Missed you boomiebol!!!! BIG HUG!!

    • Hey you :). Been forever!!! How have you been? Are you back from your vacay? Great to “see” you. Please vote for my friend Nicole.

      Missed you too…can’t wait to read from you. Hugs

    • Abi you are too sweet, too sweet. Thank you so much, and many thanks for voting. If you can please help Nicole spread the word till Sept 15th, I know she will appreciate it.

      Big hugs

    • Thank you so much Alarna :), she sure deserves it. Fingers crossed that she will win…please continue to vote for her and help spread the word till the 15th of Sept.

      Many thanks and big hugs

  3. Voted… this is something I have begun to appreciate much more as my aunt and sister have been the main caregivers for my grandmother recently, but with everyone pitching in to help out. Good luck to your friend!

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