This Image- Friday Fictioneers 8/10


I am back on Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods, after 2 Fridays off. This week I went over the 100, (I am at 113) words but considering there were times I was way under 100, I am sure it is ok. As always please feel free to participate. Honest and kind criticisms are welcome. Thank you!


Photo by Susan Wenzel

Staring long and hard at this image
Trying to come up with words
To describe how she feels
Nostalgia wouldn’t do
Calm isn’t enough
Refreshing won’t suffice
Peaceful perhaps…

She can’t help but wonder about this image
Something about it tugs at her heart
More than she can imagine

So easy to dismiss this as another photo
A shot captured by a photographer

But it is more than that
This speaks to her
It reminds her of a time…

Laughing loud
Running on the beach
Picking up shells
Mommy scooping her up…

Sandy can’t help but smile
Knowing this image reminds her
Of her childhood

A peaceful refreshing and innocent time

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    • Yea, i think many of us have memories of going to the beach with our parents or loved ones when we were much younger. Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. Very much appreciated

  1. I love the beautiful simplicity of your words and that you don’t overdo it with excessive adjectives and gushing. Very nice.

    • Thank you so much, and very kind of you to say this. I often worry and fret that my words are too simple, obvious, and just shallow…but honestly i don’t know how to write any other way so hearing this from you makes me glad. Thank you Sylv 🙂

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  3. Boomie, our writing style is sometimes similar-the way we use the “he” or “she” rather than a name…sticking to the idea of making the Place and the thought of the “thinker” more important than he person themselves. I like that concept. I always enjoy reading your blog. I learn from it, your style is unique.beebeesworld

  4. The shells remind me of the ears on the statues of the Buddha and the ripples are then a metaphor for the petitions of those who follow his philosophy rising up for his consideration. Off my podium now, lol. I loved the photo and the poem.

      • we are fine under the circumstances. we are burying our late president today, 10th August. It’s a national holiday. At this moment that I am writing he is lying in state at the banquet hall with heads of states from various countriesi filing past. watching it all on TV, live.

  5. You brought me into your thoughts. An honest and well written approach to the prompt. Thanks for commenting on mine.

  6. HI Boomie: Another memory of innocent childhood at the sea. In fact, I have a bowl filled with a variety of seashells saved from my visits to the shore. Nice work. Tks for visiting mine.

  7. I like the innocence captured by this poem. As I read, I thought it was going to end with the remembrance of a love from the past, but I like that it ended with the innocence of childhood. Good job.

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