This Midnight Hour- FWF


I came across a quote yesterday while reading this blog. It is a quote by the famous author Anne Rice…it says ” To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself.” The quote registered so much with me considering I had never heard or read it before. I could relate to it, I guess.

This morning preparing for my post, I decided to do a prompt from Kelli Elmore’s FWF and as I looked at the picture and what I was coming up with…Anne Rice’s quote came to mind…I have to say a big thank you to all who read my posts, and who allow me to continue to make a fool of myself. THANK YOU!

Goodnight on Fairie Swamp Garden
Goodnight on Fairie Swamp Garden (Photo credit: echoroo)

Eerie sounds
Spooky cries
Blinding lights
Going back and forth
Like paparazzi flashing
Collapsing time
This midnight hour

Scares must be all about
Or so it might seem
When whispers and
Speechless calls
From unseen shadows
Overtake the swamp
This midnight hour

Lo and behold
Nothing to fear
Except for fear itself

The swamp sure whispers
Unseen shadows truly speak
In fairy like utters and strange expressions
Making for spooky sounds
This midnight hour

But only to do their bidding
As I do mine
Trapped and enslaved
In this magical and once cursed
Garden now called
Fairy swamp lake

This midnight hour


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  1. Dear friend, risking making a fool of yourself is very different than making a fool of yourself. I’ve seen no evidence of the latter in any of your posts or your blog. I have, however, seen much evidence of talent, passion, kindness, compassion, love, and your amazing spirit.


    • You are so right…I am often just in awe of all the kind support i receive from everyone here, especially knowing this is what my heart wants to do :). Thank you so much always. it has been such a pleasure “knowing” you.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. This, my dear, reads like a classic! I am so impressed with this piece! I can see this in a collection with some of the best poets that ever penned. I love the repetition of this midnight hour and the breaks are spot on with each line, alluring and spellbinding. This is timeless! ♥ I am in awe.

    Thank you so much for writing for FWF.

  3. Totally not making a fool of yourself with this one boomie — and I do know what you mean as I feel that way with all my “child voice” fantasy type poems 🙂 Loved this… has a lot of mystical and spooky ~ supernatural type effect. “Fair Swamp Lake” — I think I see a series in your future !! Great creation here!!xo R

  4. Wonderful poem! And, I agree with Anne Rice, though I wouldn’t say it like she does. My advice would be (you said it right in the middle of your poem), “Don’t be Skeert!” Well, you said a little differently, but it’s the same thing.

      • What drew my eye in this picture was the lit and complex area right centre> I couldn’t work out if it was just the play of strange light on the leaves or some kind of small vehicle arriving.

        The strange effect of stars reflected on dark, still water is something I’ve used in one or two poems.

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