The Africa I See


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The Africa I see
Is beyond my dreams
Not one of pain
Ill and sorrow

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The Africa I see
Is beautiful
Full of hopes
Living in its dreams

No longer slave to corruption
The days of captivity under immorality
And misguided pocket filling leaders
Are long gone
Nigeria is free to live and thrive

The dangers of Somalia
An ill of distant past

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Ugandan children
Soldiers only in play
No guns in their hands
No hate or fear in their hearts
No heavy burden placed upon them

South Africa no longer divided
Apartheid racism and all forms of segregation
Told only in tales
Never seen or practiced

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The Northern parts
Aware and enlightened
Freedom for all

Eastern Africa
Un-diseased and free
Infant deaths
Famine and plagues
No longer here

Trees grow and
Flowers bloom

Children laugh
Mothers smile
You hear it
You see it
You feel it

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Africa’s many nations are proud
The shadows of evil and death
No longer casts
Its dark and ominous net
Over this great land

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In the Africa I see
People are well
In and out
People are free
In their bodies and mind

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In my hopeful dreams and
Promising prayers
This is the Africa
I choose to see


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    • I agree. Yes i wrote something a while back…in the eyes of many African children and kids plagued with misfortune, there are dreams, waiting to be birth…if only they can find a way. It is my prayer and hope that we can make a change for these ones.

      Thank you always!

  1. I love Africa. I love African history and I’m not talking about the Africa that’s more palatable to westerners — northern Africa. I think the answer to the world’s problem is to see Africa before its ruination. The people there weren’t barbarians waiting for Westerners to bring them to light.

    Maybe with the world getting smaller we can converge ideals from all the cultures without thinking of one or the other as superior. I read something that attributed the ‘advancement’ of western technology to the environment. It said that Europeans had to create machinery that would aid them in preparation for brutal winters, etc. So they were forced by nature to be progressive in that area — innate superiority had nothing to do with it. This article was written by a European — I wish I could find it.

    How much more ‘advanced’ are we with all the ‘progression’ of technology? — With one in three of us on anti-depressants, suffering from some unfortunate social condition. The environment is being devoured and we’re dependent on materialism and getting farther and farther away from our souls.

    The thing that cracks me up is that Africa gets raped and ruined, then westerners go back and are the ‘heros’, claiming to be the saviors. The media manipulates these images of Africans that makes them look pathetic.

    If we dropped our arrogance maybe we could have more respect for the way some of these African cultures regarded their environment, the world. Maybe the answers could save us all. But even Africans and the people of the African Diaspora have been contaminated with the syndrome that makes us to think of western culture as superior. There is a big hole in the world. Why?

    • Totally agree with your comments about Africa. I think the so-called “superiority” of western culture is starting to fall apart…after all, materialism can only take you so far. I see a great future for Africa.

    • I agree! I also think to an extent Africans are very responsible for some of the many ills…our leaders are too corrupt…it has become a mental disease. Everyone goes into power only for self fulfilling reasons…no one cares about the next person as long as their own family continues to amass more wealth than can be spent in 2 lifetimes….

      So many of these leaders have western education and have lived in the western world…many of the mess they attempt in Africa they know not to do here…western aid is stolen by leaders for their own selves…their bratty kids going to expensive schools in Europe when kids in neighboring towns cannot afford public schools…

      The common man is corrupt himself and if given the opportunity would also embezzle and enrich himself…we had a person who went to a prestigious university here go back to Nigeria to be minister…we all hoped he would do better…nope…he didn’t do shit…an opportunity for him to have made a difference, he made himself wealthier.

      To a large extent…Africa’s healing needs to start from the grassroots…wipe out selfish tyrants and sadistic leaders. If the western world sees that we are ready and willing to clean and heal ourselves and our lands, it would be tough for them to meddle with us…

      Thank you so much SCB for this very insightful and in depth comment, very much appreciated.

      • I went on and on and on without telling you how lovely your piece was! It just triggered so much — that’s a hot topic for me — sorry. I don’t think Africans are blameless, but I think these leaders have been contaminated with western money and by the urge to catch up to the west and in the end it justifies westerners belief that Africans are inferior.

        These were comparatively small nations before Europe came and they had little or no defense against the juggernaut and onslaught of western thought and technology.

        I think the media and politicians feel a certain amount of self-satisfaction when African leaders act up, then they can say “I told you so! They are an inferior and barbaric people! Buffoons!” It’s a deep deep deep thing to reverse this idea around and I think the answer is to look back before Africa was contaminated — that’s where we can get our pride back.

        Thanks Boomie for sharing your thoughts about Africa. I’m proud to have African in me.

      • Absolutely SCB! I feel you completely and agree. I get all fired up too when it comes to Africa and the potential i know it carries.

        It hurts to see a place you love not live up to its potential…yes many of our leaders are western zombies…the biggest in my opinion being the current NIgerian president…a fool…and complete lunatic who watches as the poeple who were foolish enough to elect him get killed by wanna be terrorists…yet he is passing laws on homosexuality…such audacity from this fool.

        I am also very proud. Thank you so much SCB, i have some other poems on here that are about Africa and its shameful laeaders and politics…i dont think people knew how to react to them initially…

        Here’s one

      • I really appreciate you reading more than i can say. I know it is not an uncomfortable read for many but it is a painful truth that must be said. Thank you so much

      • You hit the problem on the head. It has to start from within. All the NGO’s in the world who truly want to do good and fix Africa’s problems inadvertantly add to it. The governments pocket the money that is to improve education, health, jobs and infrastructure that come from the NGO’s. Education is not something corrupt govt.s want to improve…keep the masses ignorant and uninformed.

      • Amen! You live in Africa. You know Africa. Thank you for your boldness !

  2. This is fabulous, excellent poetry. Makes me think of the visits I’ve taken to that continent. I long for it sometimes.

    • Ha ha ha very funny that you say that…quick and true story, I went to a nail salon owned by Asians…Obama came on screen and he asked if Obama was my brother, I responded no and he said isn’t he from Ethiopia…I responded no he is from Kenya…he asked where I was from…I told him…and he makes this really crooked face and says “oh no, lions on the street” now anyone who knows me know that i don’t like to make people feel uncomfortable, and can be terribly quiet…so i kept looking at him…he continued saying oh my jungle and lion…how you cope? I smiled and said…i never saw a lion until i went to lincoln park zoo in chicago…so what do you think? I doubt he believed me…such a shame lol

      A friend in college once asked if i lived on tope of a tree…lol. I emailed him pictures of Nigeria…there was no answer to that question in my opinion. lol

    • I hope you get to see it. I haven’t seen much of it myself but it is a beautiful place with lots of potential. Yes those children tug at the heart, sometimes i just sit and stare at their images on the computer, wishing i could bring them all home with me.

    • Thank you so much Ken. Africa is such a beautiful place with much potential, I haven’t seen much of it at all, but I am hoping I will soon.

      I bet you would just love it :). Thanks

  3. Yes Bommie is this not all of our wishes… a peaceful and prosperous Africa..??? I loved watching the Olympics this year, when we had no participant in a race or event we always shouted for the African Nation who was competing… my dream for Africa, the most beautiful unexplored continent, with so much potential to lead the world in peace keeping… forget the past and think only of the future… I love your poetry ..

  4. The love radiantly shines from your heart for Mother Africa, where all life began! Your message is so uplifting and beautiful…It is so very soothing to my heart and spirit! Thanks for the blessing of your spirits love…it made my day my sister! Much love and blessings always to you!

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