My Crazy Silly Straw


This poem was written for KarenB’s poetry challenge…please check out her site for more details.

I came up with what I think is a silly nonsense I like it very much poem :). As always please feel free to participate, kind and honest criticisms are welcome. Have a wonderful week and thank you.

Bendy bendy
Ziggy zaggy
Reddish yellow
Maybe neon
My crazy silly straw

Not worth much
In a pack of 24
Definitely worth less all by itself

Still I find you most useful
On days of sugar rush
And chilly drinks craving

Blowing air through you
Bubbles erupting
In my chilled summer time concoction
Colorfully whimsical like you

My crazy silly
Bendy bendy
Ziggy zaggy
Reddish yellow
I think it’s neon
Crazy silly straw


48 responses »

  1. So bright and fun boomie — brings me back to my silly-sraw days! I still use the bendy ones actually – but not the really loopy ones — such great smiles with this one – thank you for your gift!! 🙂

  2. 🙂 🙂 what a lovely silly poem and oh i love that crazy silly hat, i wish more people would wear it, we need a lot of silly fun like this to make life beautiful..
    love it love it love it 🙂
    big hugs for this marvelous silly hat poem

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