Tomorrow…Lord Willing


Hello Everyone!!!

Sorry about the late night posting…hope I am not disturbing your sweet dreams, or better yet depeding on what part of the world you are in, I really hope I am not disturbing your day.

I should have done this post earlier…but throbbing headaches a la migraine showed up this afternoon…with a dash of pain and a side of sadness, dampened spirit and general weakness. Even now, I can barely type but I need to get this post out.

Tomorrow Lord willing, a wonderful writer is going to be sharing his amazing work with us all and I just wanted to give you generous and kind readers a heads up. Please stop by tomorrow as you always do and support him by reading, interacting with your ever kind comments, and them taking time to visit his own blog. You wouldn’t be disappointed!!!

Thank you as always for indulging me and all who write here. Your support means the world to me, and I don’t take it for granted. A special shout out to all who nominated me for awards over the past week into this week. I remain ever grateful and truly overwhelmed. THANK YOU!!!

Please don’t forget to keep voting for my friend Nicole till the 15th of September. If we all continue to vote daily, we can help her win that much needed cruise. Have a lovely night or day.


Much Love

* If there are errors in this post please excuse them…my head is banging and throbbing badly*


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  1. Wow boomie – me too on the migraine upon waking 😦 — assuming you aren’t on the east coast … but wondered if the barometer fell … hope yours is breaking and you feel better asap! Will check out your special guest writer tomorrow for sure 🙂 xo

  2. These Tweenie migraines need to stop. Maybe if we tag-team them (On a non-migraine day – of course) we can come up with someway to get rid of them permanently!
    Hope you’re feeling better today…Heading to vote for Nicole right now too 🙂

    • I tell you…not really but i don’t have a choice as the girls are home today so i gotta put on my healthy hat and just keep going. I am hoping they take a long nap today so I can rest…will probably go to the doc’s tomorrow…aargh darn headaches. I didn’t get to vote yesterday…off to do it now :). Thanks twinnie, hope you are way better than i am. Have a wonderful wednesday

  3. So sorry to hear about your migraine….they are the bane of my life as well! Usually happens to me most during the change of seasons when the barometer shifts are the worst.

    I always know before the weather people when it will rain or the weather will change. I’m not sure if this is your trigger also…just empathizing so much!! Sending hugs and prayers that you feel better soonest!

    • Thanks so much Christina…day 2 and honestly i don’t feel better. Doesn’t help that one of my girls kicked me in the eye a while ago.

      I guess stress coupled with the weather must have triggered this one. Appreciate the hugs and prayers :).

      • I’m so very sorry boomie 😦 Yikes…in the head? Why is it that where ever one is hurt that is where one keeps getting bumped or banged up? Sending more prayers and highest hopes that you get some relief soonest sweet friend…Hugs!

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