Little Toddler Loves


Going west to set
The sun goes down quietly…

My little toddler loves return home
I awaiting with open arms
Embrace the lights of my world
My precious moons
And early morning sunshine(s)

These little bodies
Giggling love in every laughter
Into my eager and itchy ears
A day spent in absolute love
And profound gratitude
Content we are again all together

They tell me of their day
Amidst kisses and hugs
And I silently thank the sun
For going back west
Thus letting the doors open
For my little toddler loves
To rush home

To my eager excited open arms

* When the girls come home after a day at care, they rush in with so much excitement and gratitude…the sun was setting on Tuesday when I head them at the door…that moment inspired this poem. I tried to find a picture to compliment the poem…but didn’t find any suitable one. Have a lovely Friday and a great safe weekend!*

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  1. What a wonderful happy write, the spirit of the little ones bring such joy. My greatest memory (repeated with the grandsons too) is the rediscovery of the world through their eyes, it is like a miracle of life all over again. thank you so much boomie for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reading. Yes children are so innocently wide eyed and excited about everything. They grils gush in dleight at butterflies…they marvel at people swimming…books, toys everything.


  2. Those young years are so precious and go by so quickly, nice to see you appreciate them and value them. I am sure you will be glad one day, that you also recorded your thoughts. beebee

    • Thank you so much. I try to write notes and letters to them ever so often…i wrote a post a long time back about this. i don’t know if i would have a large inheritance to leave for them but my words and advice, what these times mean to me will be great for them i think.

    • Thanks Cestone…oh absolutely all the mushiness is 5minutes max and then they start asking for 5million things at once lol…the house is always upside down inside out when they get back

    • Thank you so much. Yea they sure do, i look at baby pictures and wonder where all those times went…now it’s so hard to get them to keep quiet for 2 minutes lol. Have lovely weekend Robyn. Hugs

      • 😉 Yes – enjoy all the chatter —- I have to watch old home videos to remember those ‘wonder’ years… it’s still amazing when they are teens and early 20s (my girls are 19 and 22)! I always remind them of who they “really are” based on what I recall from those tender years!! Much Love – and you too have a great weekend boomie! ~R

  3. So very beautiful! There is NO greater sound then children laughing (giggling)….best thing in the world in my opinion! 😀 You described it so well…with so much love. What a treasure you are! Blessings friend ~

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