My Heart Your Love


*Yesterday, my twinnie and her husband celebrated 16years together. Terrible twin that I am, I didn’t know…so I wrote a poem for them, and sent it to her. She agreed to let me share the poem, except this isn’t that poem…I wrote something else for her…so this is a mini surprise.

Twinnie has been and continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters, even before she left farming (inside joke) to join WordPress. This is but a token of my sincere appreciation and love.

Here’s to many more RoSy and Chris. May love always light your way… Love loads!!!

Rosy and Chris

The linings of my heart
Have your name engraved on them
The core of my being
Have your love inscribed on it

Flowing from my heart
To yours is pure love
Lasting affection
My forever devotion…

My heart is like a stream
Of refreshing waters
Beating with every flow

Each beat speaks a truth
Every flow speaks of us
Our journeys
Our hopes
Our life…

Each beat speaks your name
The name that lines my heart
Daily guarding my heart
You are warrior

Your love warms my life
My heart speaks of it
My love in your love
Your love in mine
Our love…

My heart knows your worth
It embraces your love

Sixteen years and counting
It needs your love

From then
Now and till eternity…

My heart cherishes your love

8/17/96- Forever


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    • Thank you so much for this very kind nomination. I really appreciate it, and many thanks for the comment about my blog…Lord knows it was what i needed to see and read today.

      Thank you!

  1. Early on, the two of you (yourself & Rosy) became an inspiration for myself and now my daughter as well. You are both so talented and gifted. The thoughtfulness of your lovely anniversary poem celebrating Rosy and her husbands16th wedding anniversity illustrates beautifully the closeness that can develop online between two loving and sharing individuals. You poem is a testament to both.

    • Rosy is a wonderful person, she really is and i can’t wait to meet her. You and Christina are such an inspiration of how wonderful mother daughter relationship can be. Thank you so much. Christina leaves the loveliest comments on here and I have to say a big thank you to her…i appreciate you both. Much love and hugs

      • Thanks Boomie, I just shared (she’s sitting a few feet away – children are playing, teenager on a trip, the various animals are sleeping – a few peaceful moments here) your words with Christina. We both say thank you and return the love and hugs to you with sincere affection!

  2. Wow! This is so romantic!!! 🙂 Congratulations to the lovely couple! And once again, I am smitten. Boomie’s poetry is beyond extraordinary.

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