Smiling Splashes Of Color


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I can’t tell what this smile is all about
I think it has something to do with you

You who splashed color in my once dull life
Black and white it just was
With a patch of greys here and there
Sometimes I was down with the blues
Dreary and sad…all alone

These days
There are reds and pops of yellow
Spring like colors and beautiful pastels
Money green and violet purple
And just the other night
It was blossom pinks

I smile
Though I can’t tell what it is all about
But I am most certain…
It has something to do with you

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  1. Okay Boomie, so here’s the thing. I need you to write a bad poem. I’m running out of descriptive words to use when I read your beautiful poetry. If you wrote something bad, then I could try to be politely nice instead of trying to rack my brain because everything you write is so well written! Both this piece and Late Night Thoughts are wonderful, sigh as usual. 🙂 Penny

    • Ha ha Penny, you are too kind. I appreciate all the kind words and wonderful descriptives…i am sure i have a few not so great ones but everyone is too kind to say that to me lol. Thank you so much, this comment sure made my day…insecurities have plagued me since saturday and it’s very nice to read comments like yours to help boost my confidence. Thank you always

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