Joelle’s Doll


With her bestest friend…

She had allergies…the kind that got so bad; she broke out in bruises and bumps, rashes and boils whenever she scratched.

After several tests, the medical professionals said Alena, soft and cuddly; her best(est) friend and bedtime companion had to go. Alena was made from material that her body couldn’t handle…

Hot and painful tears streamed down her rash filled face…”no wanna throw away” she begged as her mom tried to explain to her what the doctor was saying…2 year old Joelle didn’t get it. This was her best friend and baby…her very own cabbage patch doll given to her by her aunt T…she screamed in horror as mom tried to take the doll away.

Mom thought it was best to get rid of it as soon as possible, she had the rip the band aid off quick and fast mentality.

Sara watched in horror as this tiny angel continued to cry…she understood her mom’s sentiments, yet she felt the little girl’s pain as memories flooded her own mind.

Sara remembered her little cabbage patch doll, Gwendolyn Elizabeth and how daddy had forgotten her on a tourist bus on the lovely streets of Brussels…Sara went to bed that night and had her first nightmare…Gwenny as she called her doll was crying for her and she couldn’t do anything about it…Sara hoped Joelle wouldn’t have nightmares like her….

She wanted to hug 2 year old Joelle as she walked out of the medical offices of the Sherman Oaks Hospital crying as her mother tried to console her. Joelle was crying for Alena to come back…

* I was looking through my table last night and discovered notes scribbled on all sorts of paper…I found a poem I had written for one of the girls when her doctor said she had to let her soft dolls go… I decided to make the poem into this short story.

Ever so often she sees a picture of the dolls and asks “where baby go” “mommy took baby away” Those dolls were her first, even though one belonged to her twin sister…she felt entitled to them both.  The second picture was taken minutes before her dad forgot the doll on the bus…it was a rough night.

She recently got a new doll and yesterday, she held her new doll and said “you are my best friend, I keep you well ok…” Here’s hoping the allergies stay off, so she can keep her new baby well*


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  1. My four year old nephew has a funky torn up light blue blanket he carries around like Linus from Peanuts. “Where’s blue blanket?” He says when his mama washes it. He drags it around with him, wears it around his neck like a cape, and sleeps with it. Hahaha!

  2. Ow Boomie, I have tears in my eyes reading this post. My heart goes out to Joelle and Sara, especially Joelle. I pray that this is the last you see of the allergies. And I am happy she is getting to love her new doll. Dear Lord, please grant Joelle permanent releaf from her alleriges and heal her skin, in Jesus name, Amen! Stay blessed, my dear Boomie. Hugs to the lovely twins!

  3. Very tender story and so true. Allergies affect children in dramatic ways and having to remove them from their favorite food or take away their favorite doll or toy is agonizing for parent and child. Eliminating pets is another challenge. I’m glad she is accepting her “newest bestest friend.”

    • Yea, it got her really bad, but thank God she is doing much better. We had to cut off a lot of things…no earrings for her and things like that. Certain foods she cannot have. She is very attached to the new one now. Thank you so much

  4. Sometimes mothers have to do things against their child’s will yet for their good!! What a great heart has been blessed to all mothers in the world!! You are a great mom, Boomie!!

  5. The tears are in the eyes making it hard to type , poor Joelle, I hope this new baby will be good for her and her sis. Now you have to watch what they both get, I am sure they share babies. Great story Boomie you are so talented ((Hugs))

  6. This is lovely. I found a metaphor in this story for relationships of mine that simply had to go, were maybe not killing me, but making me miserable, and no matter how much love I poured into them, they still hurt me. It brings a lot to mind, and I think, if you don’t mind, I may write about this, in poem form. I understand it will go a different direction, but then that’s what art does, it can speak on many levels. Thank you for sharing this!

    • I agree with the metaphor, sometimes we have to let things go even when we can’t exactly see how they maybe hurting us…not at all, would be a honor. Can’t wait to read the poem. Thank you much for reading.

    • Yep, she was sad and hurt. It was rough considering we didn’t know what was going on until she saw allergist…she can’t wear earrings and all now…and we are careful with foods and toys

  7. My heart goes out to all of you – that must have been so difficult! Thank goodness she has a new doll and I keep my fingers crossed that all goes well! There’s nothing like the friendship between a little girl and her doll 🙂

    • Thank you. It really was rough especially when the bumps covered parts of her head and was taking out her hair…but she is way better now. I think new doll is a hit but still been very careful. Yes there is nothing, she dotes over this doll, talking to her, asking if she is ok :). To be a child again

  8. This touches me… mothers and daughters whether living or dolls. Boomie, I won’ be posting for awhile. My mom’s time is at hand. As she is in another city, and I can’t find a Designer to take over for me, I’ll be flying back and forth, like the plane is a bus. Due to the inspiration I find here, yours is one of several Blogs I will be checking in on, but I won’t be commenting as much as usual. – Resa

    • Oh i am so sorry Resa, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I don’t even expect you to read or have time for blogging. Stay safe and strong and will be thinking of you. Hugs and love Resa. Thank you

  9. Oh boomie — I feel for little Joelle… I do hope her now doll is “hypoallergenic” and she can enjoy day after day of being her ‘mommie’ and nurturing her the way I know she gets nurtured by her own Mom… much Love ~ heartwarming post ….and let us know how new ‘baby’ goes!!! xo

    • I know, she is all well now though thank God. It was really bad, we had to shave her hair off and oh how she cried…yea i think new baby is better. I try not to let her carry it everywhere like the last ones…she just likes to have soft toys and blankies to hold on to…Thank you much

      • I remember that too…my little one only wanted to touch ‘bows”??? We had to sew them on all her blankies— Do hope the allergies are manageable and Jolle feels better too … :)x

  10. When I was quite young, I had a blue “blankey” I dragged everywhere that horrified my mother. One day it disappeared. I miss it to this day.

  11. 😦 Awww, this made my heart sting. I hope the allergies stay away and that her new best friends is able to stick around! 🙂 Enjoyed how you turned into a story!

  12. Boomie–you nudged my muse again. Darn it. Something about my sister and the baby toy she kept and we buried with her. There is such a bond here, between little ones and their special friends.

  13. Oh my goodness B, this is the sweetest thing ever. I’m tearing up. I’m glad she’s accepting, some kids would say, “no I want my old doll back.” Lovely story. It’s good that you see so much beauty in the smallest things. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Yea, i was hoping she wouldn’t throw the new one away but she was very understanding though she cried for a while before she got a new doll. I really hurt for her dealing with the allergies…she didn’t understand why she had to go through all that and then lose her baby.

      Very glad you enjoyed this :). Thank you so much, hugs.

  14. Oh that just breaks my mommy heart. It’s funny how these little things are so precious in their eyes – and then of course, they become precious in ours, too. I hope the new baby doll is able to stay. I wish I could sew so I could make her one!

    • Thank you so much. Yea it sure is…i didn’t think she would get so attached when her aunt gave them the dolls, but she just loved them…

      The new doll is working out so far so good, so I am thankful. A friend suggested sewing one too but I am no good in that area.

      Thank you so much, have a lovely Friday and a great safe weekend!

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