Yesterday (In Memory Of)


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News of your death
Stabbed our hearts
Bleeding tears we cried bitterly
Pieces of our hearts falling
Like flower petals and shedding skins
To the ground…shatters all around
Our throats shakily uncontrollable
As why’s and words tried…unsuccessfully
To escape our fast beating hearts
Through trembling mouths
As we cried bitter tears

Why just on Sunday
You were dancing with your friends
Who had become your brothers
A close friendship of support and generosity

After years of struggles
Hope in your eyes
Survival always on your lips
You came close…
Things looking up
Your friends doing their best
Always by your side
You came very close…

Yet other plans were in the works
Death came slithering in silently
Fangs and claws out
Stopping you right in your tracks
Your late night cries for help
Almost going unheard
As ignorance poverty
Ancient myths and superstitions
Fear of the unknown and nescience
Stood by watching
Your heart slowly stopping
The bright hope in your eyes dimming
Slowly fading…you ebb away
Bitter death grabs survival from you
Cutting you off at the prime of your life…

A stone cold body
And painful memories
Are all we have left

Images of you flashing in our hurting heads
And aching hearts
Reminders of your friendship
Your spirit and ever humorous charm…

Ikú sìkà ó bôlá jé
Rest in peace jõ
You were loved by many

* Yesterday late morning, I got terrible news about a friend’s passing. It hurt my heart badly like nothing in a long time…the circumstances, hurt and bothered me…amidst heavy trembling and tears I wrote this…words in this case could never do justice to his memory, he was a good guy. My heart continues to pray for him, his family, and many friends who loved him. If you can, please pray for them all…May his kind and friendly soul rest in heaven’s blissful peace*

Yesterday was a rough day…today looks and feels good…tomorrow will be better…
Ikú sìkà ó bôlá jé- Death does ill and destroys much good…


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      • Glad today you woke up better. Sometimes we just have to cry things out to relieve the stress. For things out of our control – there is simply no outlet – but – to cry sometimes. And – that’s ok.

  1. Oh Boomie, I can say many things here but nothing, nothing will ever take the pain away, and that will be a while so grief as you must, quietly, crying, sobbing, ranting, screaming just don’t give up on God for His strength is what will get you through. Much love, peace and prayers for yours and your friends.

  2. Your words touched me deeply. I lost a dear friend this year as well…such a painful loss to those of us left behind. I will send up some special prayers and keep your loved one in my heart – may he be in a peaceful place now, and may his family and friends keep his memory alive through their loving hearts the the has obviously touched deeply. xo~ R

  3. I am so sorry for your lost. Sometime you will remember that love is never truly lost but until then, my sympathy. Steven

  4. Last year a friend of mine died – no warning – here one day and gone the next. her spirit still smiles at me when i see bright nasturtiums or use the blue and white kitchen towels she gave me long ago or when i hear certain songs. Though they have moved on, our loved ones linger in our hearts forever. We also remember to cherish the ones that are still with us. May you find your smile soon. Z

    • Thank you so much Z, that’s how his was as well. He was still with his friends on Sunday and then monday night, they were called that he had passed away…no warnings of the impending doom or anything.

      Thanks much for the kind words and my condolences on your friend’s passing. Good thing we have things that are wonderful reminders of who they were

  5. Boomie my heart goes out to your friend’s family and those who loved him. I will say a very special prayer from my heart for all of you tonight for your loss. Penny

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to your friend. He’d be so proud! I feel your pain and sadness and I hope you find peace and comfort with family and friends! Big hugs and kisses.

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