Love And Awards Overflow


Over the past week or so, I have been nominated for some wonderful awards by some generous and amazing writers. I have been meaning to get to them, but these things pile up and then they become so hard to keep up with, this past week has also been a rough and tough one. Nevertheless I am very grateful for all the nominations, and that you would think of me and my corner here. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

There are so many amazing people on here, and the fact that I come to your mind as you are working on these awards is very generous and kind. There are so many of you to thank for this, and you all know who you are; so please accept my appreciation and gratitude. I especially would like to thank Ispider for the very kind words used when describing my blog…”There’s an undertone of real joy to this blog” I was very moved by those words even more so since I had be plagued by insecurities all day, that particular day.

I really do write with so much joy in my heart even if I am writing about the plagues of third world nations, the hardships of life, or those naughty Sunday night shenanigans. For anyone to feel that joy through this platform, blows my mind to sparkly little pieces…thank you all so much.

I remain ever appreciative of all the love and frienships I have built on here…it’s great to have a commnunity that supports, and inspires. I am fortunate I get to write all these things, and that you enjoy them for the most part. The nominations, and awards are like icing on an already yummy good cake. Muchos gracias!

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely Sunday and a very wonderful safe and healthy week. I am off to church…my dirty  creative mind is already off to a naughty start.

Much Love

Follow me to a place
a place of passion
and pleasure

Of joy
And delight

A place of oohs
And aahs

Where deep moans meet
And greet
Soft and whispered
tender moans

While more
And more
is on the tip of the tongue

Follow me to a place
of pleasure
And delight

A place like no other
Of lust and desire

A place
where only we know


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  1. oooo – Can I follow you too?? This place you write of just sounds heavenly boomie 🙂 Congrats on your awards – so well-deserved dear friend. Your work always emits vapors of joy and emotion — why I am an avid fan 🙂 xo Happy Sunday!

  2. A great post Boomie, with a wonderful message to your followers and those who have nominated you. Well done. As for the poem well you know where I’m going with that already. I love when you are in your muse, it is such a pleasure to watch you sensually display your talents thru word placement. (there hows that for not actually saying sexxxy! lol, Thank you my friend I have a smile on my face this morning because of you, Penny 🙂

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