Le Clown’s Blogroll Contest, My Shameless Plug(s)


I try not to post more than once a day except of course on Sundays when I am sharing my “it’s all in my head” dirty mindedness poems…those are so good aren’t they? I digress…

Anyhow, yesterday his royal highness, the king of all two Canadian clowns- Le Clown did this post on his blog. He is looking for 6 more blogs to fill his awesome blog roll, but you must make a case for yourself. (If you are wondering why I want to be on his blog roll, well wonder no more…I have never been the cool kid, and I fear this might be my last chance…plus me love Le Clown long time…) but again I digress.

I stated my case to Le Clown as these- 1. how many bloggers have my unique and well crafted name? 2. how many Africans read his blog 3. I was never cool as a child…help I am desperate to be cool… 4. I never won anything until recently, many thanks to Ricardo but what do you know Le Clown was not swayed (who knew French Canadian clowns could be such independents). I even thought about telling him that his aunt Sandee is my friend, and I bought and shamelessly plugged her witty clever book- Mean-Spirited Tales on my blog…but alas I didn’t want to seem to desperate…(Little too late!)

However being the good guy that the human behind Le Clown, Eric is, he suggested I shared a poem, since Le Clown actually liked reading my poems…(yay!!!! followed by the voices of the African Children Choir…then applauses). So knowing I had no mind of my own, I posted a never before read by any human or wildcat poem, appropriately titled “Wildcat” in his comment…here is an excerpt

I know of a girl
Gentle and kind
Meeker than a lamb
Soft spoken(ly) sweet
A girl of mild manners
And great virtues…”

And because my need for attention knows no end (like my face book page- lose or gain 5 pounds, the choice is yours), I decided that an ode to Le Clown was more appropriate…bet you are thinking, “wow, Boomie is brilliant” yes, I know, I almost graduated college. (I am usually not so cocky…it’s Le Clown’s fault.)

I wrote an ode to Le Clown, a poem like no other, and what do you know…following the rules of this blog roll contest to like the most original comments, I got 4 likes, many thanks to the only Madame I know- Mme. Weebles…then Brigitte who has never read my blog liked…am I good or what, people? My fellow victim of left eye wacks by toddlers, Daddyranman showed loved too, as did my dear friend, who I am hoping will guest post a poem he wrote on my comment section, the amazing poet asoulwalker gave me 2 likes…that guy deserves to be president I tell you. (Can I kiss ass or what…years of practice I tell you).

Ok, so maybe I just started following asoulwalker‘s blog and I can’t call him a dear friend, but anyone who can leave a poem like that in my comment section has to be a lyrical genius or gangsta.

Here is the Ode to his royal clowness, Le Clown :

An ode to Le Clown
Oh! Le Clown
Most magnificent clown
In all of Canada’s town
Speaking English and French in the same sentence

Majestic creator of a clown on fire
Husband of one fine Ringmistress
Great clown dad of The Whispering Petunia
And Tiny Geek, formerly Lord Evil poppy

Supporter and advocate of Walsh skate school

Oh! Le Clown
First French Canadian clown ever
To grace the cover of Time magazine
While boldly breast feeding his sock monkey
No clown dead or alive can compare
Not even any of Madame Weebles hot dead men

Your eyes spitting fire
With the magic tricks your blog performs
Funny witty
Brilliant and comical

Le nephew of dear Aunt Sandee
Lover of star wars and all things geeky
No other clown can compare

For none have the sensitive heart of Eric
The gentleman and kind human
Behind Le Clown’s brilliance

Oh Le Clown
What more can I do
To be on your blogroll

8/28/12 13:19pm

So this morning after praying and fasting that I would get on the blog roll, what do you know Le Clown did a new post asking that we publish a post about the contest on our blogs…he also made a list of the votes thus far, and I have only 4 compared to some blogger who shall remain unlinked had 17 (can you hear my heart breaking from across the pond?). So here is the post Le Clown, are you happy now? I have successfully shared my dwindling 15 minutes of fame with you…I am now left with 9.5 minutes ticking fast… Adam, I might need you to spread your Wednesday wackiness on a certain clown’s blog.

Dear readers, please go and state my case on his blog, Luke use that oh so fine dialect from your last story series…I never ask for anything right except that one time I asked you to vote for Nicole…please do till Sept. 15th…PLEASE! I would mention your name, when I finally become famous in my father’s village, I promise. Ask Nifti, and Lily they were just made famous in my house.

Also make sure you comment with a lot of emoticons on Le Clown’s blog, he detests them but what other way can I get my message across than to irritate him :). Between my twinnie, Cestone, Kyle (whom I suspect Le Clown really likes), Soma (who I am going to ask to do some Hindu chants on Le Clown if I don’t get on his blog roll), and Len who will pray the chants away…I just might get on this high and mighty blog roll…Marian stop by too, you’ve been one of my longest readers…and you, yes you Steve and Jack’s buddy stop by too.

Bet you didn’t know that Boomie girl had a lot of crazy in her…well neither did I. Guess my therapist is right…there must be two people in me, she said because my name is too damn long to belong to just one girl :).

Come back tomorrow…I wouldn’t be this desperate!

DISCLAIMER: This is all in pure fun! Please note; no therapists, animals, madmen, desperate housewives, vampires, true blood fans (Susan), werewolves, politicians, Canadians, Africans, Nickelback fans, Americans or any other creatures were hurt in the writing of this post…The same cannot be said for Boomie and her already fragile ego and reputation. Le Clown, we are never getting freshly pressed now!


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  1. Oh BB! I had no idea! I’ve been on the periphery and hadn’t had time to read all the comments in Le Clown’s post. But my bloggy buddy Miss Four Eyes got to us first and posted a link for us to ‘like’ her nomination.

    I’ve been on the outer limits, but know that it’s only all in fun, right? — So in this case I can vote twice I believe, three times, for different people — hey, it’s a three ring circus, oui?

    All I ask is that you post the link to where I click ‘like’, and it’s done. If you can’t find it, it’s ok, I’ll scan down the comments.

    Good luck BB!

    • Nah SCB! Just been silly and playing along with Le Clown. This post came to my head after I read Le Clown’s and I thought why not be silly considering I take myself way too seriously.

      Blogroll or not! I am still a fan of his…I don’t even think I completely get the whole blogroll thingy but I don’t get technology entirely so…just playing along for good fun :).

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  3. Just wanted to add — I wasn’t planning on voting for anyone, so don’t be insulted. I’m just a little preoccupied. It’s just that the contest takes a little more focus than I can handle at the present. I just wanted to use my energy showing the love by coming to blogs I like, ‘liking’ and commenting.

  4. Boomie Bol,
    This was the best post written, hands down, for the contest. So you’ve just earned 5 bonus points. Now. Because you have mentioned the Ringmistress, and some of your competitors, I am awarding 2 more extra points. Basically, you have embodied the spirit of this competition by building community, highlighting other bloggers and having fun! Thank you so much for this post.
    If you want the direct link to your nomination comment, here it is: http://clownonfire.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/blogroll-contest#comment-12332

    • Eric,

      Thank you so much for this kind comment. Coming from you that means a great deal and is very much appreciated. Even Le Ringmistress visited my site, you guys are mighty kind and sweet. Yay for my extra points…I am sure having fun with this, and even if i don’t make it on the blogroll; i am a fan of yours and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this. It’s great to see poeple getting involved and just having fun. I like that!
      Big thanks to Le Clown too…my friends have spewed emoticons all over his site he he he.

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  6. Okay Boomie so I went over to Le Clown’s (not been there before, interesting that one!) and suggested to him that he would be extremely remiss in not picking you for his blogroll, I’m thinking you already had a pretty good shot at it even before I showed up, He is very impressed with your poetry, of course he is, anyway just wanted to let you know I’m rooting for you, good luck! Penny, 🙂

    • Penny,

      I read your comment on Le Clown’s blog and my heart was touched. You said the sweetest things and i do appreciate them and you. Even if i don’t get on the blogroll, that you think that of me is more reward than i can ever know. Thank you so much.

      • Boomie, there are just certain people you meet in your life (and online now also) that you just feel good about. You’re one of them, it is honestly that simple. You are welcome with great sincerity my friend! Penny

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  8. It’s all a bit confusing for my poor menopausal mind to grasp but I appreciate the fun of it all. I’ve been to Le Clown’s (do I have any options, really?) and done the honours by liking your comments, Boomie. I know you will win this contest, my dear friend. All the best.

    • I wish! The contest is still on, and i have not been able to keep up today at all. Busy busy day. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and very nice to read these kind comments from you. Big hugs

  9. Oh dear, Bommie…I think I’m a tad too late for my vote to count for anything other than…support, kindness, good neighbourly vibes, a partridge, and a fig tree…clean out of pears. Good luck!!!

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    • Lol you are too kind… A desperate attempt really but I have no shame lol. Thanks so much, love your blog… The first thing I saw was an ice cream cone…yummy 🙂

      • Haha, having no shame isn’t wrong if it gets you what you want right…? Wait, I mean…you know what I mean 😛

        Thank you! Glad you were also able to revel in the beauty that is a delicious ice cream cone 🙂

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