Where Are You?- Friday Fictioneers 8/31


It’s that time of the week again. The prompt is up, and Friday Fictioneers  are ready to go…even though it’s still Thursday. This prompt is brought to you by Madison Woods and this week’s photo is courtesy of Stacy Plowright.

This week’s photo brought some personal feelings to the limelight for me…it was a reminder of many questions that I have been pondering upon the past few months. I came up with about 3 stories and a poem, but fret not…I am only sharing 1 story and the poem (Please indulge me).

Comments, and constructive criticisms are welcome! The story is my state of mind, it’s not to bring up any arguments or debate. THANK YOU!


Every so often I wonder about heaven and where it is…

Last summer some girlfriends and I drove to Canada, and as we sped down highways lost in different conversations, I noticed the clouds gathered dark and somber…my heart fell silent as I looked in the skies.

Speaking softly to the clouds…I whispered “God, where is heaven, and where are you?”

“Is there someplace else beyond these clouds?”

“Is that where heaven abides and you reside?”

“God where are you?” I asked out loud…My friends laughed and said assuredly…he is right beside you.

I hope they are right…for some days I don’t know what or even if I believe… anymore…


The clouds
Somber pale
Beautiful and gray

They gather for to collect
And usher in earth’s lost souls

Souls who for too long have strayed
In these parts
Seeking rest and shelter
In uninhabited areas

Never finding any

They hover over green pasture
And oceans deeps

They waft about hi-rise penthouses
And urban buildings

Roaming and wandering they drift
With the hope they would find
Rest for their lost and weary souls


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  1. I would say the first piece read like a poem too. Did you mean to start with ‘every so often’ – which suggests now and again, rather than ‘ever so often’ – as in regularly? Just a thought.

    • Thanks much Claire…yes, I wanted ‘ever so often’ as in regularly. It’s been a constant state of mind lately…

      Thank you so much. For fictional purposes I guess I could make it every so often. Thanks much!

  2. Both were written beautifully. And I don’t see why anyone would argue, you’re just writing how you feel, and you do that so well. I wouldn’t mind you sharing the other stories/poems. 🙂

  3. I feel the same way sometimes, “I hope they are right…for some days I don’t know what and if I believe… anymore…”
    I really do hope…
    Both are great writes twinnie!

    • Thanks twinnie!

      Yes these days, so many questions that i can’t answer for myself, let alone someone who looks to me because i mentioned been a christian…my prayer these days is God I believe, and i want to believe…please help my unbelief.

      I am glad you understand this and are honest enought to acknowledge it. Hugs for a great day!

  4. Beautiful and brings me back to where I often ‘hang out’ in my own thought process…. where I ponder the questions that have no real answers, and attempt to find peace in uncertainty and in gazing at clouds ~ Thank you for this wonderful work dear boomie ~ xo

    • I am with you Robyn…sometimes the issues of life can be so overwhelming, it’s hard to believe. Those times, i find breathing is all i can really do…very glad you enjoyed this Robyn.

      You are always so kind to me, i really appreciate that. Big hugs

  5. A very expressive way to ask God where He is. Very good images in the short story and poem. I know for a fact He resides with you. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

  6. Very nice, a double whammy. The only change I’d suggest is from “I don’t know what and if I believe… anymore…” to “I don’t know what or even if I believe… anymore…” Reading the comments, I get the impression you are truly feeling doubtful at present. Just know that having doubt is human. Even the disciples felt that way, at times. The day will come when you can “touch the wounds” and be sure.

    • Oh thank you so much, will see to that. I guess just been overwhelmed with the hurt of the world and sometimes not having answers for people who seek and need them. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to comment. I really appreciate it. God bless

  7. Isn’t it fascinating that in the story the one with doubts is actually talking right TO God, looking at something beautiful beyond which she imagines He might be, and the one happily assured is patting the car seat beside her and speaking of God in the third person? Hmmm . . .

    • Fascinating indeed! I guess despite feeling or thinking God is all the way in heaven, the truth is he is right there with us, if we let him every step of the way. Thank you so much for stopping by

  8. I really enjoy your writing and what you came up with this week. I have no idea where this prompt will lead me but I want you to know I often question my faith. I think every one does sooner or later.

    • Thank you so much for saying that. It’s amazing that many of us struggle with these types of questions from time to time. Glad to know you enjoyed this week’s offerings

  9. Wow, both of your pieces are truly amazing this week. I love the fact that in addition to being beautifully written they were also introspective. Very impressive! Congrats!

  10. Boomie you know the story of my daughter and my anguish my ff isn’t quite finished but I must tell you that we are on similiar wave length I sure hope when I am finished it will make things clearer for both of us.

    • I feel you Len…and it’s thoughts and worries about pain like yours that breaks my heart and burdens my faith. I guess for now we know in part…someday we will get it all…the bigger picture…all the answers. Big hugs

  11. I’m new to your work and I have to say I’m very glad I found it! I think these are questions we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another, which make your pieces all the more poignant. I certainly look forward to reading more!

  12. Boomie…I enjoyed both pieces. There is nothing wrong in questioning…that’s how we learn. Thank you for visiting mine. Perhaps you found an answer in my story this week and it gave you some peace.

  13. Wonderful post. In trying times on earth (like now),its good to know that the thirst for a meaningful life while walking with God is not old fashioned.

    • It’s run by Madison Woods. She puts the photo prompts up on her blog on Wednesdays.

      You should totally try it, it’s so much fun and pushes creativity.

      Thank you so much!

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