My Honest and Only Response


Funny how time flies, when you are having fun. It feels only like yesterday, I was writing my post for the 1st day in August, and now September is almost here…

I know I do this very often, but where I come from; gratitude is a big deal…my people often say “If you know how to think properly, you would know how to be thankful.”

I sit here quietly
Thoughts of your kindness and generoustiy
Overwhelming my humble heart
Gratitude and sincere appreciation
My honest and only response”

Many thanks to all who read this blog wherever you are, a big shout out to all who follow me here, on twitter, via facebook, by email…and any other possible way. I also appreciate your playing along with me on Le Clown’s blogroll contest.

It’s amazing that people are interested in what I have to say or write. Sure means a lot to me. THANK YOU!

Here’s hoping our exchanges and friendships only get better with time. As always I wish you and yours nothing but loveliness, hoping September brings more blessings than you can imagine.

Stay lovely, stay thankful…there is a reason why you are still around, make it count for good.

Much Love


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  1. A secret, I come here every day because you, your words and your kindness gives me hope and sometimes that is hard for me to come by. So my gratitude rest right here and only again you words have lifted my spirit. 🙂

    • Oh Red! You are mighty kind…it’s amazing that this platform is more than just sharing our words or art…to me it’s learning, friendships, growth, and so much more.

      I appreciate you and these very kind words. Glad you can find a little bit of joy here. Big hugs for a wonderful day and September :).

  2. Boomie – you are so welcome and, really we all should thank YOU ~ your genuineness and animated spirit are so alive in your writing…. Always look forward to your posts! You are so write that this platform is so much more than a place to showcase our work — it’s a platform of love and connectedness with amazing people we might otherwise never get to touch or be touched by. Gratitude and Love to you beautiful one! ~Robyn

  3. Le Clown’s contest is doing wonders for helping us all find new blogs to read and enjoy! Glad I found this blog! I have only read the most recent few posts – and it is a delight to explore!

  4. Boomie, I thank you for all your support. Many times I needed to know I had touched someone out there and you would show up-always showing up to share your light with us in all your beauty. Peace and Love

  5. Boomie boomie boomie. Thank you for being such a kind blogger and blog-reader. And thank you for sharing your gift with the blogging community. Infinite blessings for you, too!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hello Boomie,
    Merci pour ce message.
    Encore une fois tu es très inspirée et tu écris très bien, c’est donc normal que nous te suivions.

    J’espère que tu vas bien et ta famille également.

    Je t’embrasse.

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