I Love You More and More


I love you more
And more
Then some more
These days…
Just as you are

Smooth thighs
Effervescently sexy
Radiating woman- ME!

My insides glow feminine
My core soundly powerful
I am strong through and through

I love you more
And more
Then some more
These days
Yes you
Bubbling glory in mirrored reflections

Each imperfection
Scar and stretch mark
Now tales
My stories
Female like glory

They are my feminine history

*This poem isn’t at all about narcissism…it’s more about me embracing myself, my body, my thighs. It’s amazing what a little bit of knowledge about your purpose can do for you…some things become clearer…some issues don’t seem as important or in the limelight as they used to. I am showing my thighs some love today, even though I know I have no business wearing shorts like that 🙂 *


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    • Indeed it does, i am realizing more about accepting myself as i get older. Women really need to embrace themselves and offer love and support to other women, God knows society and men won’t do it for us. Thank you very much

  2. It have nothing to do about narcissism at all – it’s priceless value to show the surroundings that come om I’m worth it – real many miss to show their value and underestimate themselves and so it isn’t guaranteed that others see it – that’s a great shame… 😉

    You write damn good… ‘smile’

    • Thank you so much Red. You are a special and great person, you know that? It’s wonderful to see you be so kind and sincere even when you are having a rough day. God bless your loving heart. Hugs dear one

  3. Fantastic message boomie! Self-love and acceptance is sooo not narcissism! It’s the foundation for for ones ability to love others and universe! Loved your poem – and if you can’t wear short shorts — nobody can!! Beautiful through and through! xo

    • Lol, thanks Robyn you are so kind…i bet the fashion police would ask me to pack it all away lol. I agree with you, it is a very important foundation to giving love to others. Very nice to know you enjoyed the poem

  4. You are a beautiful woman, a fantastic writer and a wonderful person, Boomie. There’s nothing narcissistic about it. 🙂

  5. Nothing wrong with those thighs honey pie! I really know what you mean about the power of finding a purpose. The other niggles (boobs, tummy, mess, money) all loose their sting. Glad you’re learning to love yourself. I’m with RoSy – if we can’t love and live with ourselves, who else can?

  6. What a great way to pay homage to yourself, Boomie. We should all recite poems dedicated to ourselves every single day! The world would be a better place.

  7. We are newly married. My wife and I are both in our 60’s. She hurries under the covers at night and I suck my gut in when I’m without a shirt. But she can still take my breath away!

  8. Well Said! We really do need to love ourselves more instead of being so hard on ourselves, and each other! Great poem. Thank you for sharing your talents 🙂

  9. On the seventh day, God rested. On the eighth day God created Boomie, On the sixteenth year after doing so, He saw Boomie was good. On the day after that, God took a cold shower! The Gospel according to Cranky 😉

  10. Well you are sexy…faunt if you want to lol. I was surprise myself when I saw the photo, I was like, hmmm she is stepping out. But its not you are showing booty all out and stuff. You are good. You home relaxing. 🙂

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