Written With You In Mind


This Monday
Let delight take over

Relish this said Monday
Savor it’s grace
For it belongs to you
Your wish and will its every command

On assignment from love
This Monday does your bidding
Bearing kind words doused with warmth
Joy sincerity and love
Caressing your heart ever so gently
Its pleasures fulfilling you

Let these words with books scattered
All around keep you company

Lulling you to sweet slumber
When darkness quietly creeps in
Smiley dreams of Monday’s delight
Cozying you sweetly

Let this Monday wash waves of delight
Over your tired weary soul
Ghosts of Mondays pasts
Fading into eternal oblivion
Weekend desires engaging you

Rest relaxation gratitude and
Peaceful solitude slowly slipping in

Your soul finding comfort
In the pleasure of these kind words
Warms up swiftly with passion
Knowing these words
Are especially yours

Written with you in mind

* Specially for For Ste J*


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  1. That was perfect, thankyou so much for keeping me going today, I loved the lines ‘Let these words with books scattered / All around keep you company’ that is a lovely visual of my life. You are the best person I know and i definitely know at least four other people. I shall peruse this every Monday now, and maybe even learn to enjoy them thanks to you!

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