Cool And Freshly Clowned


I made it on Le Clown’s blogroll! Yay me!!! I am sure the title of my post would make more sense to you all now. I am super excited…now cool can finally be added to my repertoire (I am even using fancy English words). Thank you Le Clown!

I had so much fun playing along, though my kids who were in swimsuits and feeding on apple sauce while glued to spongebob and yo gabba gabba everyday of the contest will beg to differ (please don’t call social services)… at least they now have a cool mommy…win, win!

Seriously though, this was more than just a contest. It was so much fun interacting with many different and uniquely talented bloggers; Angel, RFL, and many more from all over the world. I discovered bloggers I might have never come across if it wasn’t for the contest and I am so glad to be a part of their blog world now.

Some very kind bloggers who had never come across my blog before the contest even voted for me, thanks Chris, Meizac, and the lovely Amy over at The Bumble Files. Big hugs to  Cathy, who generously gave me some of her own points after she dropped out of the contest.

Thank you all so much lovely wordpress family for playing along with me, and stopping by Le Clown’s blog…you made his ego, and fame larger than life.

It was wonderful to play the many challenges his friends, and wife The Ringmistress ( a really cool woman, if you ask me…check out her latest post-must read for every woman) came up with; we all let down our hair(apologies to all the baldies… I used to be one by choice) and just had a good time. Who knew grown-ups and adults could be such fun?! I had a blast and making it to the blogroll was like icing on a really good cake.

Special thanks to my dear friend Penny, who left the sweetest note on my behalf on Le Clown’s blog and I don’t think she knew that I would see or read it…she wrote some kind words that just tugged at my heart. It’s amazing how technology has brought so many of us from very diverse worlds closer, and though some might mock and say it’s all false intimacy what I felt in Penny’s words were genuine and sincere. What I feel in my heart for her and her family is love-real and honest love.

A big THANK YOU to Merlin, a wonderful writer whom I also just discovered thanks to this contest. Merlin told Le Clown, he would rather I got the spot on the blogroll, and so he assigned his points to me…how kind is he? Merlin has the most beautiful poems on his blog, and I felt like a stalker last night lost in the beauty of his blog. If you want to check out a new blog, he is the one to check out seriously.

Lastly, a big thank you to my sweet friend, a brilliant role model, fellow runner, writer (who needs to start a blog)  and an amazing mom, Yemi…she is going to kill me for putting her on blast like this. Yemi is my friend in the “real world” but she has been such an amazing support and cheerleader, and went over to Le Clown’s blog and cast her vote…how amazing is she? TOTALLY AMAZING, if you ask me. Love ya Yemi!

Thank you all again, this was so much fun…I am off to celebrate the only way I know how…getting high on at least 6 miles. Have a lovely day great people, please have a run or jog on me :)!

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  1. Congratulations, Boomie. Maybe you weren’t aware of this, but when I dropped out of the contest, I gave you half of my Clown Noses – I think it was something like 15 to you and 15 to RFL. Maybe it helped a little…I enjoy your poetry, I enjoy folllowing you and I also enjoy your comments on some of the posts that I follow. And Congratulations for being cool!


    • Oh my Cathy! Thank you so much, i honestly didn’t know. It was so hard trying to read Le CLown’s over jammed comment section.

      I really do appreciate you and i know you left a comment saying he should have a peotry blog and it should be mine. Thank you so much for the kind words in this comment, really glad you like my poems.

      Big hugs

  2. Contests and clown noses! I need to head over to that site and see what’s going on….sounds like fun. And congratulations!

  3. Congratulations my friend well worth doing wasn’t it? Before we know it you will be doing a book or two and we can say we knew you when Lol . Love you so much and love your beautiful writes. (((Hugs)))

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  5. Congrats dear Boomie! I didn’t have much computer access this weekend, otherwise I would have stopped by Le Clown’s blog again to vote for you… Oh well, I’m just glad you made it and that you had fun on the way. 😀

  6. Congratulations Boomie! You deserve to be included in the Le Clown Blogroll! Glad I lend you my support and make Le Clown’s choices easier. Thank you for you kind words on my writing. I really appreciate your reading and commenting on my posts and poems from the last few months. I will have to keep writing and see if I can catch up to your output and quality of posts! You have a fantastic site and you are a writer others should definitely be reading!

  7. OK, I confess, I didn’t read the comments because there are many and I’m tired, but I know that most of the say “Congratulations!” which you so rightly deserve. May I just say that it’s rare to find such a thoughtful, positive, kind hearted soul like you? You give love love love, and obviously, you have great people around you, which speaks volumes about your character. Truly happy to have “met” you.
    Sara (aka The Ringmistress)

    • Lol…Thank you so much Sara. I am really a work in progress…been a foolish girl in times past, but working on a better me now. You are a kind woman and i like and appreciate that.

      Very nice to have “met” you as well. Hugs for your birthday tomorrow. Enjoy and have loads of fun.

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