A Giveaway!!!


In honor of my 300th post shared earlier today, an idea came to mind about doing a giveway to show appreciation. I thought about it all day, unsure what to give and how to go about it.

Anyhow, I think I know what the giveaway  prize would be :)…however because I have so many readers; I thought I would make it fun by asking a question, then I can pick the best answer or choose randomly and send the gift.

I really want everyone to participate, but the prize is limited to participants in the continental US…I am so sorry, but for now it’s the best I can do. I am hoping there would be more giveaways in the future, and I can include everyone.

So here goes:

Which of my poems would you consider your favorite? Why?

Please leave your answers in the comment section…contest ends on Friday, 9/7/12 at 10:00pmCST. THANK YOU!!! Winner would be announced on Sunday 9/9/12 Lord willing.

The prize would be shipped to the winner’s address.



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  1. Favorite: any Sunday night one

    why: Not exactly sure, the reason is just beyond my grasp. ( smile )

    but seriously, I think your words about deprived children touch me most..

  2. Seduced By Words, posted on July 31, 2012.

    The why is easy: Because that is exactly how I’ve felt ever since our small town (pop. 650) librarian said to me as I stood in the children’s section, “Stephen I believe you might enjoy reading some books from the adult literary section and handed me a copy of Sherwood Anderson’s “Home Town.” I was hooked…forever.

    To be captivated by the arrangement of words is still one of my fondest enjoyments in life.

    Be encouraged!

    • Nice one! Yea often when I think about the power of words and how passionate I fell about them it’s almost like an overwhelming power…a seduction of sorts.

      I haven’t reached out to those conference organizers yet…will contact a friend soon for info on getting the recording if there is one. Thank you much for participating

  3. I know I’ll be disqualified for picking today’s post – but I truly did love “This Body « Boomie Bol.”
    From the perspective of flow and rhythm and also your honest confession of where you’ve been and the person you have become because of your journey. You tell so much in so few words – and reveal your heart and soul. I love so many more too — but truly this one stood out for me! ~ xo Robyn

    I am having such a hard time describing the emotion this invokes, When Columbine happened I felt the same as you described only I was not able to put my emotions into words, nor could I with this shooting. I am usually very outspoken and on my soap box but I can’t just can not with situations like this …why you ask? It tears my heart into a thousand pieces to think of this ..this one more atrocity inflicted upon the young, our future. One more thing for them to worry about instead of being able to concentrate . Is this why they turn to cyber games, drugs, alcohol, is this why they have no respect for themselves or others..I don’t know I need to stop before I am on a soap box.
    I believe this poem of yours speaks volumes to many and I wish all could read. I don’t really care to win or not I just took the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated this one in particular.

    • Yea, when that happened at NIU…i cried for days…just didn’t make sense. I was in that hall room the day before…i was around that area the day the shooting happened. I hurt for the senselessness of all the shootings…sad!

      Thanks so much

  5. Boomie, you have so many wonderful pieces, I feel like it’s impossible to pick a favorite. And nope, that’s not me being lazy, that’s honesty. There are so many beautiful poems. Soooo, if I can’t come up with something by tomorrow, you’ll know why. Love them all! But great idea doing a giveaway. 😀

  6. Boomie,
    I had to think about this one, very seriously. And unselfishly chose “An ode to Le Clown”. I don’t know… That poem has a certain je ne sais quoi…
    Le Clown

  7. My fave is this one – https://boomiebol.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/little-toddler-loves/
    I remember when I read it, I was having a particularly rough day with my own 2 boys. My wife always says I lack patience with them, and she is right. I’m so on edge these days, and I too often have a short fuse with the little guys. When I read your toddler poem, it reminded me how fleeting this time of life is, and I need to pause and enjoy their being young. The day got better after that.

    • Wonderful choice Luke…and i am very glad that helped brighten the day. I understand how you feel…sometimes parenting just feels like so much work lol…but these little ones have the power to lift us out of those rough moods

  8. I like the one with the thighs — that word just hit me right there. It made me horny. There are more that hit me in the gut but I’d have to scroll through to see exactly which ones. Maybe I’ll come back once I’ve found them to tell you the names of them — I’m at work sneaking now when I should be trying to figure out how the hell I got these numbers from the monthly visitor report — everything’s all screwed up — I hate that! I hope you have a good day Boomie…

  9. Favorite: Quietly
    Why? I dunno! I only recently joined the Boomie bandwagon and this one stood out the most. Because it DOES sound like the stuff Sundays should be made of.

  10. That is indeed a cruel question to pose, how can we pick from such a strong field of fine poetry. I would have to say the one I am reading at the time is always my favourite one.

  11. Just in time to beat the submission deadline…lol
    The writing/poem that captured my interest the most is the one titled “with you in mind”
    Why? Simply because you humanized Monday. You gave it a voice….you brought it alive. Monday is perhaps one of the most hated days in the week….you gave people a new reason to love Mondays. Next duty? Tuesday needs a makeover job as well. Keep the good job going.

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