This Body

This body bathed daily in gratitude
Soaped by the milky appreciation
Of Heaven's goodness
Knows it has come a long way

The final destination
Still in the distant horizon
This body remains thankful
Pouring grateful oil of joy and gladness
Over itself
Mind washing over times past...

This body has known much
Loss hurt
Devastation and death of loved ones...

These mornings
It knows love
Heart racing joy
Gratifying passions
Comfort and friendships

At noon
It knows giggles and loud laughter
Big cuddles
Warm hugs and sweet kisses
The pure innocence of motherhood

In the evening
Quiet and deliberate
It is fully reflective
Thinking over the day...
Abounding in much appreciation

At night
It knows desire...

In lust
Warmth and
Gentle Affection

It knows love...

Smiling in new gratitude
This body is graced with elegant fortitude

Even if adversity ever knocks again...

*This is my 300th post...THANK YOU!!!*

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  1. So wonderfully written! loved every inch of it and the words that created sucha defined character of a whole life..amazingly written. and congrats for the 300th post..miles and miles more … πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations, 300 posts, this is a truly epic blog, you have the Ben-hur of blogs! I love the post ‘soaped by milky appreciation’ indeed hehe. And now I can’t wait to see what post 600 brings.

  3. Happy 300th!! This poem really spoke to me today. Partially because I am fed up with my body at the moment. lol. It really opened my eyes. I should be thankful for all of the things my body has gone through, not annoyed that things are not going my way.

  4. Congratulations Boomie, I’ve only been online a few months but I have come to admire you and your writing very much. Beautiful poem today (naturally) they always are you know! Penny πŸ™‚

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