The Perfect Location-Friday Fictioneers 9/7


Friday Fictioneers as brought to you by Madison Woods is up and running. This week’s photo is courtesy of Piya Singh (Bittercharm). Please feel free to stop by and participate.

I have 2 offerings this week…a short story and a poem…both at about 100 words each. Constructive criticisms and comments are welcome. Thank you!

I wouldn’t be able to get to your posts today…it’s going to be super busy for me but I should be getting to them all by Friday afternoon or so…thank you for your patience.

Image courtesy of Piya Singh (Bittercharm)


“The location is perfect” Kelly said out loud.

As a movie production assistant, it was her job to scout locations. This particular one had a rustic magical feel to it…just what the director had in mind. Derek, her boyfriend of 7 years had told her about the place.

Kelly walked towards the cottage…strange sounds all about… somewhat scared she looked around as she tried to open the creaky door…her heart jumped as the wheel outside started to turn slowly…

Quickly she stepped into the cottage  trembling…Kelly could not believe her eyes as she entered the room…thousands of red roses, her favorite, everywhere…

Derek in the middle…down on one knee with a diamond ring sparkling.


Magic lived here once
Memories of a life lived
In love peace and
Tranquil harmony

Trees echoing laughter
As boys ran down the creeks
While girls sat quietly sipping tea
With ragged eye red haired dolls

Mama cooking by the stove
Father plowing hard at work
As kitty purrs soft by grandma’s tired legs

Laughter was felt in these farmlands
Very many years ago
A family abiding peacefully
With itself

Till tragedy struck

The war reached these parts
Striping the tree
Lands and inhabitants bare
Leaving nothing but heavy stones
Mounted one upon another

A reminder of many things
Left unsaid…


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  1. I loved them both. Very nice. Great imagery in the poem. I like the “trees echoing laughter,” and capturing a whole living there. Magnificent. Photo is wonderful. Maybe I can think of something…

    • Thank you so much, and very glad to know. I so wasn’t sure about what i came up with this week…very glad to know you enjoyed them. I can’t wait to read what you come up with, bet it would be great. This prompts really get the creative juices flowing.

      • Thank you, Boomie. I’m a new to this. Is the title, “A Perfect Location.” Is this part of the prompt, too? Or, is that for your piece? Thanks! Then, do I just put a link in your comments?

      • Perfect location is my own title. You can use any title that fits your story or poem. You put your link on Madison’s blog…she has a link where we all put our blogs.

        If you have time and can read others stories…you can leave a comment along with the link to your own post. Madison’s site is, it should be under her blog tab.

        Let me know if you have other questions

  2. Oh, you had me with the first one Boomie. I was expecting aliens, murder or zombies and the ending was just magical thank you. As usual, poetry says it all and more besides. You are incredibly talented and I love your contributions. 🙂

    • Thank you so much…yea, i had another story in mind but as i typed the idea for this one formed and i thought it was nicer. Thank you so much for the very kind comments :). Big hugs

  3. Oh Boomie, I love both. Difficult to choose, really. The romantic in me is rooting for the story while the history, tragedy and powerful imagery of the poem are just too enticing to pass by. A whole life story of a family in 100 words. You have outdone yourself, my friend. (I’m out his week; the mails are just too many) Enjoy your weekned.

    • You such an inspiration with your ever kind words…i admire that in you very much. Thanks always for commenting…each and everyone is very much appreciated. Have a great weekend! Love to the family and big hugs

    • Awww…you are darling and divine Soma, thank you so much for always been so kind and generous with your comments. I also appreciate the retweet. Very glad you enjoyed this

      Big hugs and much love 🙂

  4. Wow, a nice little romantic story followed by a beautiful poem. A bonus 🙂
    You might consider rewording one line toward the end of the poem. Mounted on one another could read, Mounted one on (or upon) another. Say it out loud each way and see if it works for you. Just a thought-hope you don’t mind.

  5. The story shows what an incurable romantic you are 🙂
    And that poem could have been about my childhood home……doesn’t always have to be war you know.

    • Lol!
      I agree with you, it doesn’t always have to be war. I wrote a poem a while ago..can’t remember what i did with it now but it was about kids escaping the “war” at home for the few minutes of peace in their backyard.

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