There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings


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The clouds have gathered
Summoned by the skies
Earth’s pain and ache
They no longer can take

It is too unbearable
Is what they say
Tragic and unfortunate
The aches and pain

The heavenly council meets in the skies
The drought and hurt
Will soon be gone

The days of earth’s revival
Are finally here
 Tis the day of healing and  complete resuscitation

No land will be missed
None left unattended

Mankind must not just survive
It must thrive
Humanity must burgeon in this rebirth

Mother nature smiles
As the clouds release their rain
Sweet choral hymn heard
Across the earth’s many lands
From the dry valleys of Africa
To the Caribbean’s sandy shores

There shall be showers of blessings …

* I had a plan to post something else (Don’t I always), but then I found this in my notes, and it just warmed my heart…considering it is raining in my part of the world…I hope it does the same for you, knowing while things might seem rough and tough…we always have hope. May there be showers of blessings in your world today. Have a lovely weekend!*


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      • Oh you are so kind…i really want to do it. Just i have a back log of work here and keep procastinating on the challenge but i will work on it ASAP!!! Somedays i wish i had a robot lol

      • Yes, a clone would be good also, I know you are busy with so many things as are most women today who are also moms/wifes/etc.etc.etc. I do understand. I won’t bug you … too much! 🙂

  2. Mankind must not just survive….wow Boomie one of the most powerful thing said so i wish people would get it..we are not here to just make is much much more than that..
    hugs sista…loved ya

    • You said it Soma, we are not just here to make a living…life is much more than that, but i think sadly we often get caught up in day to day run of bills and such. Love ya too sista :). Big hugs

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