Poetic Juices


Poetic juices
Flowing through this body
Imbibed by my blood
I live now on poetry

Circulating like fluids
In my heart and being
Pumping words
To arteries
Veins and capillaries

Poetry is my kinship
My nourishment
My lust

Poetry is my blood
My artistic source of life

* This is dedicated to everyone who finds joy, delight, and satisfaction in the power of written words*


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    • I love proses but i don’t think i can do them as well as some people can so i try not to mess with them. I think i tend to ramble too much when it comes to stories lol. Glad you could relate to this David, thank you so much.

  1. This really does inspire Boomie — like poetry is nutrition – life blood – hormonal balance — ok – I will keep trying to write even if not posting very often — Thank you dear friend – this is a masterpiece 🙂 xo

    • Thank you dear Robyn. How are you feeling? Yea keep writing even if you aren’t posting as much, i find writing can be very therapeutic and it just might help you a bit. Sending love and big hugs 🙂

  2. Yes, it is so very much who you are, Boomie. There is such a natural quality to the voice you share with us. Such a poetic voice must stem from an innately poetic heart.

  3. “Mothers have no time to cry- No time to rest, nor even die. Mothers must love forever and more, Eternally, on and on and on- For mothers are creation’s glow of dawn.” Jack sent this to you, Boomie, and laughed that you don’t trust him. He said you should not. Cranky

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