I Am Spiderman- Friday Fictioneers 9/14


Another round of Friday fictioneers is up and running, thanks to Madison Woods, and this week’s photo is courtesy of the talented Rochelle. I have two offerings as usual, ( a short story and a poem)…please indulge me. This avenue along with your comments and constructive criticisms help me to refine my writing skills.

Please feel free to participate, and comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. THANK YOU ALWAYS!

Image courtesy of Rochelle Wishoff- Fields


“See mommy, I got a spider web picture” Andrew said; excitement in his fatigued voice as Mommy kissed his warm head.

“I told you I was Spiderman” he continued; Nurse Jenny thinks so too”

“Yes you are darling, and if you continue to be strong then maybe you can be Spiderman again for your birthday, and ride on spider trails at the park…” mommny’s voice shook silently.

“Don’t cry mommy” 6 year old Andrew tried to console his mom…he had been battling leukemia all his life…doctors were losing hope…Andrew continued to fight…


“Mommy!” ” This is the best birthday ever…I AM SPIDERMAN!!!”


Dirt and cobwebs
Fill the corners of his mind

Dark and shallow in thoughts
He moves about like a ghost

His mind a labyrinth
Intricately perplexed
Never seeing
Never seen

He is but a shadow of himself
A phantom at best

Call him crazed or deranged…

Time has taken a toll on his weary heart
Now dusty heavy and dirty
His mind is tangled through and through

Waiting for nothing in particular
He drifts through life
A character of sorts

Until the curtain drops
His mind stops…

He snaps or
He dies…

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    • Thanks Susan. Now you are making me think and cry…. The first one had a personal story in it…unfortunately it didn’t end like this ended…

      The second one just fell out last night…and it made me think of the many issues people are dealing with…

      Thanks always Susan. Glad you enjoyed them both, thanks for always reading!

    • Awww…so sorry to hear that.
      My oldest brother, whom i never met had it…my dad opened up about it for the first time about a week ago…i had written things in his honor but never knowing much i couldn’t do it justice…i saw this picture and thought, yes i bet mom and daddy wanted a happy ending for him…i will give them one in this story :).

      Thank you for sharing this picture. Thank you for reading

    • Yes. So many people go through life never knowing love for others…worse off for themselves or that there is someone who loves them beyond anything.

      Thanks so much for reading!

  1. Both poems so intensely touching boomie. Great work – and a tribute to your older brother 😦 I do find images of spider webs can take us to all kinds of places … that piece I did with a web I shot, “Mandala of Her Mind” showed me that… Sending hugs ~

    • Thank you so much Robyn. How are you? It is such an honor to continually “see” you here, even though I know you need to rest, thank you so much. I just went back to read Mandala of her mind again…and i thought Robyn should share this friday fictioneers. It is so beautiful, and it felt like i was reading it for the first time :). Thank you always for the kind words

      • That’s so sweet of you to say boomie… and to re-read the Mandala piece:) I had a fleeting thought of of particpating – in FF ..but never did it before… not really clear on all the protocol. Last few days rough here – but if I get a burst tomorrow I’ll look into it!! Thank you dear one – these were wonderful!xo

  2. Loved the poem!!! Hand-picked words, woven together beautifully, especially the last four lines:

    Until the curtain drops
    His mind stops…

    He snaps or
    He dies…

    –simple but hard hitting 🙂

  3. I think once you mentioned the mother’s voice shaking you didn’t need to become explicit with the disease or the doctor’s giving up hope. For me, holding back is more powerful. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this and always look forward to your writing.

  4. Oh thank you for the end of the first one! There was a little confusion with the quotation marks on that, but it may have been stylistic, so I don’t want to judge. And the verse was haunting. I really like your way with meter and imagery. It never disappoints.

  5. Dear Boomie,

    The first was the heartbreaker. Like a fly wrapped in a spider’s web, Leukemia has theboy spinning round and round, hanging by a thread. Nature is a bitch.



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