They Are Fortunate, I Am Ever Thankful


My children are fortunate
Though they don’t know what that is…

I found myself explaining this to them
The other day while telling them
Not to waste water

I doubt I was ever told that
Growing up with my family
For if ever I turned on the tap
It was to see if water was running

There was no water to waste…

My children are fortunate
Though they are too little to understand it
Especially when I explain to them
That food (yucky veggies or not)
Should be finished completely
None ever wasted or tossed away

I was never told about wasting food
For if ever the issue of food came up
It was to see if it would be enough for us all

Times were hard back then
And so food had to be managed
There wasn’t enough for any to be wasted

I am thankful for those times
So whenever I tell the children
Not to waste
I doubt they understand me
But I understand me and where I am coming from

So I can’t help but conclude
They are very fortunate…

And I am ever thankful


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    • Thank you so much Red. Half the time they just laugh not quite getting what i am saying.

      I have become the garbage can at home, eating all their left overs.

      Thank you! Hugs for a lovely and restful weekend!

  1. You are a wonderful mother and they may not understand now but they will as long as you keep telling and showing, perhaps it is time to think about how they can help those less fortunate, I started with my girls when they were around 3 weeding out toys and outgrown clothing especially clpse to birthdays and christmas. it worked until they were old enough to help serve at the kitchens or visit elderly etc. may be that is why 2 out of 3 went into medical field hmmm a ponder on that one LOL Love ya Boomie ((Hugs))

  2. I, fortunately, never had to live through such times while growing up, though when I didn’t finish something on my plate I was always told to think of all the starving children in…. There were several years, when trying to make it on my own that I did worry about food. And clothes. And a place to stay. Thank you for the reminder that you should never take what you have for granted.

    • Thank you so much sir. Yes sometimes it’s so easy to take our many blessings for granted, yet we are not more deserving than those who don’t have.

      I always try to think of the starving kids too when i find i am about to indulge in gluttony or wastefulness.

      Have a great weekend, and thank you always!!!

  3. Very similar to somethings my Mom tell me when Im home… 🙂
    The kids might not know that we are growing in a world were resources are depleting quite fast but they will, someday… Nice one, Boomie.

  4. They will understand one day why you say those things. I know it couldn’t have been easy for you but I’m glad things are better now. And now you can be grateful. 🙂

    • Thanks Lily. I look back now and credit my parents really, through it all they were amazing…they did without just so we could have. I am glad those times are over…things are not perfect but they are getting better. Thanks again sister girl :). Have a lovely evening

  5. Oh this was just amazing to read boomie — you captures so much here ~ the gap …the space between us and our children. They may not truly understand….but I think on some level they process this, and they appreciate…and they love and learn as they grow. It’s an evolutionary thing — your writing style here is simply perfect for this piece xxoo Much Love ~ Robyn

    • Thank you so much Robyn. Yes i guess like you said as they grow they love and learn. I pray they do! Thank you so much, you are ever so gracious and sweet. Hope you are having a rest filled and lovely weekend.

  6. this is beautiful Boomie! We believe children are too little to understand, but your words will stick, and grow up to be thankful, just as you are.

  7. Beautiful words.
    I think your children, are very fortunate to have you as a mother. Your, experience, wisdom and kindness, will all place them well in this world. I hope as they get older, they may understand how truly fortunate they are.
    For now, I count myself as fortunate, that you share your words with us.
    Love to you ♡

    • Elyn,

      Thank you so much for these kind words. I am learning as i go along the way i think, but i am glad i am finally coming into my own after many years of not “getting it” I hope i am the great mom they so deserve.

      I am so glad i get to interact with kind angels like you. Thanks dear one. Love and hugs

  8. I too am thankful and fortunate that I had to go without a lot in my childhood. Without those experiences, how can you truly appreciate the things you have now?
    Once again, beautiful poetry!

    • Absolutely true! I wish i realized it back then and even until a few years ago…all the same i agree those times help us appreciate what we do have now. Thanks always Jill, always nice “seeing” you here :).

  9. I remember in secondary school how we were punished for leaving food on our plates. I guess coming from a country like Nigeria, you learn from an early age how precious food, water, shelter and electricity are since many of us never had them constantly. I really like this.

    • I agree, it was so hard to waste food in secondary school because it was never enough lol…even those terrible foods were eaten with such happiness. Thanks Eniola, glad you enjoyed this.

  10. It’s good that your children be grateful too. Today the value of not wasting things, of valuing all things and all people and all creatures is more important than ever.

  11. Very nicely written. If all of us were as conscious as the kind of mother you are, no one would have to go hungry or thirst for those precious drops.It is such a sad truth that we have not internalised the concept of consuming less and conserving. I guess necessity will take us there soon.

  12. Reblogged this on shafiqah1 and commented:
    Yes, we heard a litany of hit the light switch, turn the water off wen you brush your teeth, close the window: you are wasting heat etc. Being poor makes one almost good at going green and being a conservationist. Clothes get passed around, much is shared or revamped. Nice one Boomie 😉

  13. So true. It took me a long time to realise that being poor was actually a more environmentally sustainable way of living. It all depends on how you look at it, I guess, as to whether ‘not wasting’ is a good or bad thing…

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