Morn’s Hopeful Wings


As sure as tomorrow is promised
The pain and dark solitude of today
Will soon be forgotten
Dawn bringing love and joy
Grateful smiles on morn’s hopeful wings

* Many thanks for all the kind messages earlier, they all helped to lift my spirits. Have a great night/morning* THANK YOU ALWAYS!


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  1. Amiga. I was first working long hours, then got sick and am slowly getting back my strength. i am way behind on reading posts. I am not sure what’s happened, but I hope that you soon find your way back to that grand burst of a woman we have all come to love. z

  2. the morning rays bringing positive energy and making everything around beautiful. 🙂
    It’s cloudy here and so, thanks for the nice poem in the morning. 🙂

  3. Beautiful… 😉

    Once there was one who said to me with a twinkle in his eye “Do not get stuck in your successes but hurry on to new failures” – the sun is always out there somewhere… 😉

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