International Peace Day: Friday Sept. 21st


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It is my hope that peace will one day reign

From the most rural cities
Plagued by poverty and mundane simplicity
To the urban towns of the western world
Alive with loud gyrating music
Violence lurking in their many corners

It is my prayer
That nations will soon come together
Forgetting religion, culture, background, sect
And those other ills that tend to drive us apart

It is my deepest will
That unity love and peace
Will flow from Arab to Jew
Christian to Muslim
White to black
Man to child
And vice versa
Love peace and unity coming full circle

It is my deepest will, prayer, and hope
That peace which transcends
All international bias or boundaries
Would someday reign
Even if only for one day…

Join Lesley, Z, me, and millions around the world in acknowledging this desire by wearing white on Friday September 21st (even though it is after labor day) in support of unity and peace worldwide. Thank you Z for turning me on to this.  Little is much, when we all pitch.


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  1. Very nice. I will participate. Love is everything. Thanks for stopping by blog. I am following you. I hope you continue to return to my blog if it makes you laugh.


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