Wanderlust Leading Me


These chilly days
The sun’s time shortened
By autumn’s embrace of these lands
I hanker  for warmth and soothing comfort
Yearning  for something besides this space
Hoping I can find a place sunny and bright

Wanderlust leading me straight into your arms

*Happy international peace day! Please don’t forget to white wear today if you can. Have a lovely and peace filled weekend; God bless. THANKS ALWAYS!


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  1. Oooh, this made me shiver, in a good way that is. This week has seen the autumn hit, and I always admire your topicalness. I now want a raging log fire, a good victorian horror story and a hot chocolate. That would be perfect.

    • I have always loved the word as well…we were watching the movie Wanderlust this week, and these words spilled out of me lol. I sure hope it is a happy soothing place too 🙂

  2. Thank you boomie – a little better last few days — focussing on some target rehab and keeping the faith ~ Tuesday was a tough one though — created post during the thick of it – self portrait and my tale of woe — but think it was therapeutic as improvement came after – so will share it maybe tomorrow eve. xo

  3. great amiga! wed night we lost power, and it was just restored a few hours ago! it’s good to be back, and to be back on the road to health.
    thanks, also, for being in akn4’s corner and giving him so much positive support! he’s quite talented, and positive feedback often does wonders for artists.

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