Monday blues find me
Almost at sunrise
Melancholy setting in…

The golden sun shines
Reminding me of hope and life anew

Grateful for another day
Appreciation and happy contentment
For a second chance sets into my heart

Thankful smiles slowly forming on my face

* Have a happy thankful week!*


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  1. I get the Monday blues too. I think it’s the reality of having to go to work & being away from the family. Such as life…but – I smile too. Thank God for another day of life! πŸ™‚

  2. Uplifting is the word, I have a cold, so being a man am incapable of facing the world, until I read this, it doesn’t seem as bad now, although i will take any sympathy offered of course hehe.

    • Feel better soon. You have all the heartfelt cheers and get well soon hugs coming your way lol.

      Try and bundle up…drink some tea, really hot soup and stay in bed if you can. I am sure you will be back on your feet in no time :).

  3. A lovely way to begin the week with you boomie … thank you for your unyielding poetic ability to touch hearts, and reflect life in such a vibrant and spirited way! ~ xo R

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