Growing Too Quickly


Long gone are night time feedings
Early morning burping
Between breast pumps
Overflowing mothers milk

Abdominal and caesarean section stitches nicely healed
Epidural damaged back not so bad in mending

Their voices
Vast vocabulary
Amazing growth in height
Dress sizes and such
Along with these never fading stretch marks
Are the only reminders these days
Of time that once seemed unduly heavy
Extremely rough
Tough and long

Now innate thoughts yell those times went by too quickly


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  1. I felt this deeply. Perfect words for wonderful memories of my own. Sigh… mine are still so young and I can already see the time flying by. I want to scoop them up and keep them right where they are at, but not really because I cannot wait to see who they full become. πŸ™‚ (I do not miss the all hours of the night feedings, and feeling like a milking cow with my twins though. Ha ha ha!)

    • How old are your twins? Mine would be 3 soon by God’s grace and they think they are 10 or older lol. Yep! I am glad those milking days are over lol, those times were rough and when i think back at them i am scared…God knows i can’t do it again lol. Glad you connected to this πŸ™‚

      • My twins are going to be in November. Everything seems a haze from when they first came. I was a little obsessive with pictures and videos (still am) so I captured everything I could of them so I would always have those memories.

        Two three year-olds! Wow, I remember (Video footage and pictures of an exhausted me. Lol!) the age three too… so much energy where does it come from? They still have all that energy only now a bit more independent. I had my third child when the twins were 19 months old most of what I remember is running after little ones from the crack of dawn until the wee hours of the night. Ha ha ha

        Yes, the Lord knows that I cannot do that again either! πŸ™‚

      • Yea, i used to film and take pictures a lot…i have slowed down a bit. Even now as i am typing one of them is crying because i cut the one banana left between herself and her sister lol. You are strong, but they are all grown now so those times would be like a blur lol.

  2. Brilliantly and lovingly written. I may only be a father but I can remember so much of this and miss those days just as much as my wife does. They grow up too quickly and we grow old too quickly too!

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