A Golf Outing- The Ryder Cup


My dear friend, Ayo D invited me to a golf tournament yesterday. The 39th Ryder Cup, days of golf with the world’s best players, 24 of the world’s best I believe. I know nothing about golf. I even avoided a Professional Sales course in college because we were required to attend golf outings with business executives; but I decided to give this a go, plus she said there would be celebrities there :). Fingers crossed for Johhny Depp or Tom Hardy!

39th Ryder Cup

The touranment was located in Medinah, Illinois. A beautiful golf course, and as expected it was packed full with people from all over who like us wanted to see the celebrities. There were a few golf enthusiasts there but with the large crowd and the way everyone was trying to figure out what holes would be played next, I doubt they had time to focus on the games. It was the practice rounds though, so I am sure they didn’t mind.

The professionals (American versus European team) were also practicing for the weekend’s big games.

After much walking around and exploring, we got our wish and saw some of the celebrities…who knew they were people just like you and I?!

Mr. Scottie Pippen

He was a real trooper and stopped to say hi, and sign autographs for a few of the kids waiting to see him. He seemed nice and warm too, taking his time before he was rushed off to play the next hole. He played with some other celebrity that I didn’t know or recognize.

Michael Phelps

Phelps was really shy and kept trying to avoid everyone, but the little kids kept screaming, we are swimmers and he stopped right in front of us and signed autographs for them. He looked really slim and not to tall in person…and many of the people around us echoed the same sentiment. I guess TV does wonders to your height and frame. He played with George Lopez who was also kind and signed autographs.

Mr. George Lopez

After waiting for what seemed like eternity with a few other celebrities like Lee Trevino, Gould (The Chicago Bears Kicker), and a few other people going by. The one everyone was waiting for, Justin Timberlake finally played the hole we were all waiting by…And even though he didn’t stop or sign autographs his buddy, Mr. Bill Murray who dressed the part was a real sport and even kissed some women who were standing in front… Not me though, I am saving all this goody for Johnny :).

Bill Murray all dressed up and Justin Timberlake hiding under his cap

Bill Murray was his usual funny goofy self, even when he was playing and signed many golf balls and gave out to a few people.

And as much as Timberlake and his crew tried to play coy and go unnoticed, some people were able to sniff his fiancee Jessia Biel out…everyone kept calling her name, but she wouldn’t budge hiding under an umbrella and heavy sunglasses. I got a shot of her backside…

Jessica Biel in black pants and jacket. Much shorter in person

We walked around the course and just enjoyed the beautiful view, and as we were leaving; we saw some of the European professionals practising with the Ryder Cup in view…they have been winnning for the past 6 years…here’s hoping the American team takes it this year.

The Ryder Cup

And another view of the European team practising…where are the Americans? Practice makes perfect people πŸ™‚

All in all, it was a fun day, exhausting day!

Ayo D and I…celebrities in our own rights πŸ™‚

Thanks Ayo D for the invite, I had fun hanging out with you. The very best to the professionals, and may the best team win!

*Pictures courtesy of the iPhone*


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  1. Boomie, with your popularity, it won’t be long until you are golfing with the celebs. Let me think of a caption: “On the 13th hole, we saw Boomiebol with Johnny Depp. Boomie was really nice, handing out autographs for the kids as Johnny hid in the back.”

    • Bill Murray was the best, he was so nice to everyone and being very funny and goofy. A lot of guys were so happy he signed balls for them. Yea, Jessica was being coy and we kept calling her to stop but she just went on…eventually we saw her in front of us and just took shots of her backside lol

  2. Oh Boomie, what a day! You had all kinds of celebrity sightings. Sorry no Johnny. I have a feeling you will see him one day. I’m a big fan of Justin Timberlake. I would have enjoyed seeing him. So fun for you.

  3. That is so cool! Boomie hangin’ with the celebs! Once you get your book out – you’ll be a celebrity amongst them!!!
    Can I have your autograph please πŸ˜‰

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  5. ‘hahaha’ – the lovely 2 on the last photo is for me the most famous celebrities in this post – I’m not so much interested in golf but like the 2’s excellent post on WP – but a wonderful evocative report from the green (golf) battlefield including good shots… πŸ™‚

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