Memories- Friday Fictioneers 9/28


It’s that time of the week again, Friday Fictioneers par Madison Woods, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Sandra Crook. I came up with a poem of about  100 words, or so. Please feel free to comment and constructive criticisms are welcome. If you like you can also participate. Thank you always!

Image courtesy of Sandra Crook

Among the rubbles and
Heavy rocks
Whispering ever green leaves
And heavy bark trees
We walked

Woods logged on aged bricks
Ancient scribbles on the giant walls
Hand in hand we stood

Silent and pensive
Giddy and excited
Love and joy in our growing hearts

Years it seemed now
But somehow we managed
Through thick and thin
To remain steadfast
Like these rocks

Painful times
Now a thing of the past
Our tried and true love still guides
My heart

It lights my softly dimming paths
Ordering my frail steps
And comforts my weary soul
On this lone journey
Revisiting our fortress of love

Memories of you cheering (leading) me on…


88 responses »

    • I like Bam lol. Thank you!

      My local library had a book sale that was nuts lately and i stocked up on Stephen King’s books lol. Thanks Luke, have a wonderful day. God bless!

    • Many of us were on the same track today i think :). I really enjoyed reading yours, and for you to compare it to this, is more than a fine compliment :). Thanks so much for stopping by

      • Yes – definitely got the vibe on the stones — beautiful. Me — well – long story – new discovery on Tuesday ~ I don’t have enough bone holding my femurs in their sockets – so unstable (hip dysplasia)… still in shock — need a few more opinions and a plan.. Feel best when I’m on the Cybex machines doing leg presses or Glute work — will keep the faith — thank you boomie — xxoo

  1. I read your poem even before seeing the photo prompt. I was able to picture the rocks and some kind of altar or monument. you did a great job! your poem and the photo work perfectly together.

  2. Beautifully written, Boomie. One question, is woods ‘logged’ on aged bricks what you meant to say, or should it read ‘lodged’?

    Either way, it did not distract from the passion or flow.

    • Thank you so much. I wrote it with the idea of logs of wood…but kind of swtiched it around so it would still reflect my intent. Does that make sense? Thank you so much, i can always switch it out though.

  3. Great sound! I love the first two stanzas especially, with the repeated hard sounds and the nice rhythm. If you’re really looking for criticism, I might say you could use alternate phrases for “tried and true” and “through thick and thin,” only because these are pretty regularly used phrases, and the rest of it is so unique in how it sounds that it’s a shame to take away from that. Really awesome work!

    • Thanks so much Brian. I really appreciate this comment. I would look for words to replace them, please if you have any ideas or examples, I would appreciate hem.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading.

      • I like the poem – a bit ballad-like.

        The photo makes me curious. Have the rocks been arranged there, or has the structure been carefully placed among them, in which case why do they cascade like that? Also the roof and wooden struts of the structure look newer than the brickwork.

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