I Hope We Dance


I hope we dance
Love joy and happy laughter
True gratitude in our hearts

I hope we dance
Season in season out
In spring’s newness
And summer’s warmth

I hope we dance
Laughing heartily as we groove steadily
Autumn’s leaves slowly falling
Our frail bodies moving
Into the winter of our lives

I hope you and me…

By God
I hope we dance

9/26/12 9:26pm

*I wrote this a few days ago, and I think it might be one of my favorites yet. There was so much warmth in my heart as the words “danced” before my eyes across the screen. I thought about it yesterday, and I felt the same warmth and subtle, yet genuine excitement. I felt the same way going through it this morning…I guess I must have written it from a true, or perhaps special place. I hope it gladdens your heart as you read it.*

Have a very lovely weekend!


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  1. Oh my — i see why boomie – -special- special -special – LOVE ~ Written from the corridors of your deepest heart — can feel it and will re-read multiple times today…. You will dance – as one – together – forever xxoo R

  2. I loved this photo and poem. How come I have to use email to reply? Your comment space never works for me for some reason. Cranky

  3. Dancing when no one hears the music
    you are romancing life and in return
    life romances you to a very special song
    just for you…
    What beautiful words you share….
    I am glad you stopped by and led me to read your thoughts…
    for they are beautiful and sincere…
    Take Care…

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