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Poetic Juices


Poetic juices
Flowing through this body
Imbibed by my blood
I live now on poetry

Circulating like fluids
In my heart and being
Pumping words
To arteries
Veins and capillaries

Poetry is my kinship
My nourishment
My lust

Poetry is my blood
My artistic source of life

* This is dedicated to everyone who finds joy, delight, and satisfaction in the power of written words*

The Results Are In…


First off, I would like to say a huge and big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the giveaway. It was very nice of you to take time to do this even though it wasn’t the easiest thing as some of you so kindly mentioned. I really appreciate the feedback and interaction from you all.

I must say this wasn’t so much about the gift, as it was about just showing appreciation to everyone who continues to stop by and read whatever it is I share. This journey continues to unfold with so much excitement, as I find myself getting better in many areas; while meeting great and talented folks along the way.

After reading all entries, I had a hard time and wished I could just send a prize to everyone unfortunately I can’t do that at the moment. However, I got an idea for another giveaway coming soon, so keeps your fingers crossed, and your eyes open. I think many have been good this year, and Santa wants to spread some holiday cheer through me :).

I have stalled long enough…without further ado (my heart is beating fast)….the winner for the first giveaway is Luke. He was the one picked out of the bunch of names. Congratulations Luke…expect an email from me, and if your email is not listed, could you please send me an email with your address so the prize can be sent out. Thank you!

I must mention that everyone chose such beautiful poems, and I decided to choose 2 other paritcipants…this was very hard, but I chose Len, and Billgncs. Please send your addresses to The first prize is different from the other two, but again it is not about the gifts :).

Thank you all so much for participating…and be on the look out for another giveaway, Lord willing coming soon. God bless, and thanks again.

Early Morning Prayer

I thought I had lost you
In the abyss of forever

So I arose very early
With the Mother Nature's eastern winds
The Sun blazing hot in her breezy trails

I prayed sacrifce to the gods...
PLEASE bring words back to me



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Glass pitcher
Brimming full with colors
A concoction of juices and citrus
Doused with love and
A splashing of booze


* Chapman is a famous cocktail in Nigeria, it is often non alcoholic but you can add some alcohol if you like…the origin is not exactly known but the recipe is very much the same. It is often enjoyed with a club sandwich, and typically served in beer mugs* This is a common recipe for Chapman and one I have adopted myself…I know some friends add Lemon rinds to their recipe*


Ice cubes
1/2 liter of Fanta
1/2 liter of Sprite
1/4 cup of Black currant cordial or Ribena
A dash of Angostura bitters
Juice of Half Lemon, Lime and Orange
Cucumber slices
Orange slices
Lemon and Lime slices
A splash or more (if you prefer) of Campari


Add icubes into a pitcher
Pour in the blackcurrant cordial
Add Spirte and Fanta at the same time
Stir and then add a dash of angostura bitters
Taste if necessary and add more bitters as needed
Pour in freshly sqeezed citrus juices
Add slices of cucumber and then citrus
Mix in the campari if using and stir all together
Allow to cool in the refrigerator
  Chapman is best served chilled in beer mugs


There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings


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The clouds have gathered
Summoned by the skies
Earth’s pain and ache
They no longer can take

It is too unbearable
Is what they say
Tragic and unfortunate
The aches and pain

The heavenly council meets in the skies
The drought and hurt
Will soon be gone

The days of earth’s revival
Are finally here
 Tis the day of healing and  complete resuscitation

No land will be missed
None left unattended

Mankind must not just survive
It must thrive
Humanity must burgeon in this rebirth

Mother nature smiles
As the clouds release their rain
Sweet choral hymn heard
Across the earth’s many lands
From the dry valleys of Africa
To the Caribbean’s sandy shores

There shall be showers of blessings …

* I had a plan to post something else (Don’t I always), but then I found this in my notes, and it just warmed my heart…considering it is raining in my part of the world…I hope it does the same for you, knowing while things might seem rough and tough…we always have hope. May there be showers of blessings in your world today. Have a lovely weekend!*

The Perfect Location-Friday Fictioneers 9/7


Friday Fictioneers as brought to you by Madison Woods is up and running. This week’s photo is courtesy of Piya Singh (Bittercharm). Please feel free to stop by and participate.

I have 2 offerings this week…a short story and a poem…both at about 100 words each. Constructive criticisms and comments are welcome. Thank you!

I wouldn’t be able to get to your posts today…it’s going to be super busy for me but I should be getting to them all by Friday afternoon or so…thank you for your patience.

Image courtesy of Piya Singh (Bittercharm)


“The location is perfect” Kelly said out loud.

As a movie production assistant, it was her job to scout locations. This particular one had a rustic magical feel to it…just what the director had in mind. Derek, her boyfriend of 7 years had told her about the place.

Kelly walked towards the cottage…strange sounds all about… somewhat scared she looked around as she tried to open the creaky door…her heart jumped as the wheel outside started to turn slowly…

Quickly she stepped into the cottage  trembling…Kelly could not believe her eyes as she entered the room…thousands of red roses, her favorite, everywhere…

Derek in the middle…down on one knee with a diamond ring sparkling.


Magic lived here once
Memories of a life lived
In love peace and
Tranquil harmony

Trees echoing laughter
As boys ran down the creeks
While girls sat quietly sipping tea
With ragged eye red haired dolls

Mama cooking by the stove
Father plowing hard at work
As kitty purrs soft by grandma’s tired legs

Laughter was felt in these farmlands
Very many years ago
A family abiding peacefully
With itself

Till tragedy struck

The war reached these parts
Striping the tree
Lands and inhabitants bare
Leaving nothing but heavy stones
Mounted one upon another

A reminder of many things
Left unsaid…

A Giveaway!!!


In honor of my 300th post shared earlier today, an idea came to mind about doing a giveway to show appreciation. I thought about it all day, unsure what to give and how to go about it.

Anyhow, I think I know what the giveaway  prize would be :)…however because I have so many readers; I thought I would make it fun by asking a question, then I can pick the best answer or choose randomly and send the gift.

I really want everyone to participate, but the prize is limited to participants in the continental US…I am so sorry, but for now it’s the best I can do. I am hoping there would be more giveaways in the future, and I can include everyone.

So here goes:

Which of my poems would you consider your favorite? Why?

Please leave your answers in the comment section…contest ends on Friday, 9/7/12 at 10:00pmCST. THANK YOU!!! Winner would be announced on Sunday 9/9/12 Lord willing.

The prize would be shipped to the winner’s address.


This Body

This body bathed daily in gratitude
Soaped by the milky appreciation
Of Heaven's goodness
Knows it has come a long way

The final destination
Still in the distant horizon
This body remains thankful
Pouring grateful oil of joy and gladness
Over itself
Mind washing over times past...

This body has known much
Loss hurt
Devastation and death of loved ones...

These mornings
It knows love
Heart racing joy
Gratifying passions
Comfort and friendships

At noon
It knows giggles and loud laughter
Big cuddles
Warm hugs and sweet kisses
The pure innocence of motherhood

In the evening
Quiet and deliberate
It is fully reflective
Thinking over the day...
Abounding in much appreciation

At night
It knows desire...

In lust
Warmth and
Gentle Affection

It knows love...

Smiling in new gratitude
This body is graced with elegant fortitude

Even if adversity ever knocks again...

*This is my 300th post...THANK YOU!!!*

My Journey Thus Far…


I had these books waiting to be read and they were on top of one another just like that…I smiled as the vision of this book spine poem came into my head…even more so because it spoke to me about my journey with words, and writing. It felt like it was describing my journey in words thus far…hence the title.

To cut the long story short
A poem travelled down my arm
Becoming Ebony


Books Used:
1. To Cut The Long Story Short by Jeffrey Archer
2. A Poem Travelled Down My Arm by Alice Walker
3. Once by Alice Walker
4. Becoming Ebony by Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

Cool And Freshly Clowned


I made it on Le Clown’s blogroll! Yay me!!! I am sure the title of my post would make more sense to you all now. I am super excited…now cool can finally be added to my repertoire (I am even using fancy English words). Thank you Le Clown!

I had so much fun playing along, though my kids who were in swimsuits and feeding on apple sauce while glued to spongebob and yo gabba gabba everyday of the contest will beg to differ (please don’t call social services)… at least they now have a cool mommy…win, win!

Seriously though, this was more than just a contest. It was so much fun interacting with many different and uniquely talented bloggers; Angel, RFL, and many more from all over the world. I discovered bloggers I might have never come across if it wasn’t for the contest and I am so glad to be a part of their blog world now.

Some very kind bloggers who had never come across my blog before the contest even voted for me, thanks Chris, Meizac, and the lovely Amy over at The Bumble Files. Big hugs to  Cathy, who generously gave me some of her own points after she dropped out of the contest.

Thank you all so much lovely wordpress family for playing along with me, and stopping by Le Clown’s blog…you made his ego, and fame larger than life.

It was wonderful to play the many challenges his friends, and wife The Ringmistress ( a really cool woman, if you ask me…check out her latest post-must read for every woman) came up with; we all let down our hair(apologies to all the baldies… I used to be one by choice) and just had a good time. Who knew grown-ups and adults could be such fun?! I had a blast and making it to the blogroll was like icing on a really good cake.

Special thanks to my dear friend Penny, who left the sweetest note on my behalf on Le Clown’s blog and I don’t think she knew that I would see or read it…she wrote some kind words that just tugged at my heart. It’s amazing how technology has brought so many of us from very diverse worlds closer, and though some might mock and say it’s all false intimacy what I felt in Penny’s words were genuine and sincere. What I feel in my heart for her and her family is love-real and honest love.

A big THANK YOU to Merlin, a wonderful writer whom I also just discovered thanks to this contest. Merlin told Le Clown, he would rather I got the spot on the blogroll, and so he assigned his points to me…how kind is he? Merlin has the most beautiful poems on his blog, and I felt like a stalker last night lost in the beauty of his blog. If you want to check out a new blog, he is the one to check out seriously.

Lastly, a big thank you to my sweet friend, a brilliant role model, fellow runner, writer (who needs to start a blog)  and an amazing mom, Yemi…she is going to kill me for putting her on blast like this. Yemi is my friend in the “real world” but she has been such an amazing support and cheerleader, and went over to Le Clown’s blog and cast her vote…how amazing is she? TOTALLY AMAZING, if you ask me. Love ya Yemi!

Thank you all again, this was so much fun…I am off to celebrate the only way I know how…getting high on at least 6 miles. Have a lovely day great people, please have a run or jog on me :)!