Happy Independence Day!


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Happy Independence day Nigeria! 52 years of independence from the British Colonial doesn’t at all sound or seem like a long time ago.

I have posted many notes on Nigeria, and Africa; but today I want to celebrate this country. On this Independence Day, I want to acknowledge the amazing people from all parts of Nigeria, who have continued to show resilience and strength time and time again.

I carry Nigeria in my heart daily, even though I am worlds away from her. I pray always that she comes to know true leadership, equality, peace, and justice.

Nigeria is a country blessed with many resources, and highly intelligent people, who continue to make a difference in the world, in their own little way. Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Fela, and Dr. Funmi Olopade are some of the notable and remarkable Nigerians that come to mind.

I want to acknowledge millions of Nigerians who daily fight and struggle for better lives for themselves, and their children…often going unrecognized, and unappreciated.

I celebrate the land of my birth
Blowing green white green in the air
I pledge to uphold her goodness
In my heart and in my world
Daily praying for her peace
Unity and freedom

Freedom from ill and immorality
Freedom from corruption and injustice

I celebrate the land of my ancestors
Offering up adulations to heroes past
I celebrate their accomplishments
Though the horns of victory
Cannot yet be blown

Land of my forefathers
I pray peace on you this day
That our children may know you as home
Not forsaking you even as the world unites as one

I pray you come to the realization of your destiny
Be rid of your afflictions and plagues
Aches that have beset your paths
Ills that have dogged your steps
Seemingly from times past

I celebrate you in prayers
And with deliberate adulation
May you bloom in Africa
Shining brightly in (to) the rest of the world

Thus bringing hope to your environs
As young children
Our future leaders
Celebrate you
Victoriously marching in the streets

Devastation corruption
Immorality and mindless pollutions
A distant thing of your past

It is my hope and prayer that, 52 years from now, Nigeria will be living up to its full potential. Free from corruption, immorality, and any trait that overshadows her strengths and capabilities.

It is my hope that we will someday soon raise leaders who would change the face of the world forever, individuals who genuinely carry patriotism in their hearts, and put their beloved country first.

Join me in celebrating this nation, and offering up a prayer for her and the many other African nations…there is undiscovered and untapped potential in that part of the world.

Nigeria, I celebrate you today! Your best days are ahead of you, happy Independence Day to my fellow Nigerians. Here’s to better years!!!

Naija òní bàjë!!!

Arise, O Compatriots” (1978–present) Nigerian National Anthem

Arise, O compatriots,
Nigeria’s call obey
To serve our Fatherland
With love and strength and faith.
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain,
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

O God of creation
Direct our noble cause
Guide thou our leaders right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace
And justice shall reign.


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  2. Not just “liked” loved!! Hey, I’m looking at your name, and I’m hoping you weren’t the person I deleted off my yahoo contacts??? I just get so much spam anymore, I don’t know friend from foe and I don’t know how people get my email, but if I did “delete” your act of kindness, please know I did it entirely unintentionally! Best to you and your native lands 🙂

    • Thank you so much :). Hmmn! I am not sure. I don’t blame you for deleting though, yahoo is so notorious for junk mail, and spam. Best to you and yours, and I appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  3. These are lovely thoughts and sentiments, Boomie. Happy Independence Day. 🙂

    I should add, I recently learned of the Zuma Rock outside of Abuja (I was unaware of it before). I’d love to know if there is some good literature you could recommend that talks about this mysterious place (it captivated me immediately).

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